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Speedify LIVE: Livestreaming, Cats, & Speedify with Community Manager Cristian Miculi

October 7, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

Of Cats, Technology, Public Transport and Running for Mayor

The 21st episode of Speedify Live is our weirdest episode yet, as we’re joined by Cristian Miculi from Speedify’s marketing team, who is definitely a cat person, taking care of nine cats total! Having grown up with cats, he became so used to having them around that now he considers a home incomplete without a pet – or in this case, a cat.

Cristian introduces us to his cats, shares his hobbies and side projects, and demonstrates how Speedify can help your livestreams.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our chat with Cristian:

  1. Apart from being the community manager of Speedify, Cristian has many hobbies: he’s passionate about public transport, has a bus driver's license, has run for mayor of Bucharest as a joke, and has been a part of a Romanian parody band, playing the keyboard. He even demonstrates his piano skills during the live stream with a couple songs! 
  2. As many may know, Windows 11 was recently released and Speedify does already work on it! However, the next releases will be tuned to the new system much better so people who upgrade their computers can enjoy Speedify without any issues. 
  3. A viewer asked if Speedify can run on OpenWRT, but sadly, the platform is not currently supported, yet! It’s in our plans, but for now, if you’re trying to set up a Speedify router  we’re currently only supporting Debian-based Linux, Ubuntu, and Raspberry Pi OS. 
  4. Having his 9 cats in two separate locations, we also get a chance to demonstrate how Speedify works when moving around while livestreaming. Combining a Wi-Fi and Cellular at first, the connection fails over to Cellular as soon as Cristian’s home Wi-Fi becomes out of range, but the stream remains intact thanks to Speedify!
  5. Due to having pretty solid internet at home, Cristian has not had many Streamergencies. He says the first time he realized he needed something like Speedify was years ago at his former employer’s event, where the Wi-Fi was so bad he could not livestream it in more than 480p. If only Speedify was available back then.
I don't consider a home to be complete without a pet - in my case - a cat. There are nine of them in my life now, all adopted.
Cristian Miculi
Join us for live Q&A and discussion with lots of cats and our very own Community Manager, Cristian Miculi

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October 7, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT