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Speedify LIVE: Host Livestreams in Your Browser with StreamYard

October 5, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT

How to Live Stream Professionally and Easily from Your Browser

Streamyard is one of the big players in the live streaming platforms landscape. It's a live streaming studio platform that runs directly from the browser and delivers the video to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch and other social platforms.

Watch this Speedify Live episode to find out about great use cases for Streamyard (even replacing Zoom!), and best practices for live streaming.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our talk with Julie Riley:

  1. StreamYard’s sales pitch says “It’s the easiest way to create professional looking livestreams.” And they’re right. With StreamYard being cloud-based, and running directly through your browser, you don’t need a high-powered computer to go live, build an audience and make your stream look professional!
  2. Julie shares the three pillars of StreamYard that they hold themselves to: 1. Ease of use – focusing on making it as easy to use as possible; 2. Reliability – the product has to be reliable, because if it’s not working, that’s a problem for everyone; 3. Professional looking streams – with StreamYard you can make that happen very easily.
  3. Julie says the key to growing an audience is consistency and patience. You just have to start and keep going at it. Promote your streams, repurpose them for clips or blog posts, and ask people to share. The more consistent you are, the more audience members will come back, and slowly you’ll build a community.
  4. We learn about some of the lesser-known features of StreamYard: you can use it as an alternative for Zoom, and have your branding and overlays on your meeting, AND you can use the Giveaway tool on your livestreams to gift any product or merchandise to a randomly selected viewer who enters the giveaway.
  5. Thanks to her hardwired internet at home, Julie hasn’t had Streamergencies at home, but she did have one at a recent event. They had planned to do interviews and walk through of the event while livestreaming, tested everything and it worked fine, but during the actual stream, the available internet ended up being so bad that they had to cut it short and delete all copies of it. Julie even tells us she wishes she had Speedify ready for use that day.
In terms of new features coming to Streamyard - hot keys are on the roadmap, Teams getting ready to launch soon. We're going to constantly be rolling out new featured.
Julie Riley
Join us for live discussion and Q&A with the Julie Riley, Social Media Manager from StreamYard, the live-streaming studio in your browser! Learn how you can use StreamYard together with Speedify to seamlessly host professional-quality live streams.

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October 5, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT
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