Internet Failover and Redundancy

Stay secure and connected when your Internet connection fluctuates or drops

Speedify features an automatic Internet failover mechanism that makes sure you will be online even if your Internet connection fluctuates or disconnects. And Speedify’s Redundant Mode ensures that your data will be transmitted even if one connection is lost.


Always be online with Speedify’s automatic Internet failover solution

Speedify’s automatic failover solution detects if a connection will drop even before it happens and gradually shifts the traffic to the other available connections. As the dropped connection is restored, Speedify will start using it again, improving throughput for better performance.

If both of the connections have about the same performance, then Speedify will transfer equal amounts of data through both connections.

Speedify’s Redundant Mode provides an uninterrupted Internet connection

In Redundant Mode, Speedify sends the same data over every one of your Internet connections at the same time in segments called packets. (For example, if you send one 800-byte packet, that 800-byte packet will be sent over all of your connections.) Whichever packet gets through first is the one to be delivered. This way, you can be 100% sure that the data will be transmitted, and you will not experience packet loss issues or temporary lacks of connectivity.

Speedify’s Redundant Mode is especially useful for activities more sensitive to latency than throughput, such as

  • live streaming on Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites
  • online gaming, including live streaming on Twitch
  • reporters in the field, news correspondents
  • live events coverage
  • stock traders

Flawless Failover

Can’t afford to be offline? Even if one of your Internet connections becomes unavailable, Speedify seamlessly moves your traffic onto the working network until both connections become available again.

Improved Latency

If you rely on low-latency connectivity for streaming live videos, online gaming, or up-to-the-second stock trading Speedify’s ‘Redundancy’ feature can improve your overall latency by up to 40% no matter where you are.

Total Protection Online

Conventional VPNs stay disconnected when the Internet connection drops, leaving you exposed to online threats. Speedify will not let you get offline, but even if it does - Speedify’s mobile VPN functionality will automatically reconnect and protect your online privacy once the Internet is working again.

Automatic Internet Failover and Redundancy Implementation Case: Amtrak WiFi

Amtrak WiFi can be slow and unreliable. But no matter if you’re riding the train for business or pleasure, there’s nothing worse than losing work or getting constantly interrupted because of flaky Internet access. With Speedify, you can combine multiple Internet connections for faster uploads and downloads, uninterrupted web browsing, and smoother video streaming – even on the train! See how Speedify makes Amtrak Wifi faster, safer, and more reliable.

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