Can You Combine Connections on iMac? Yes, you can!

Cristian MiculiCombining Internet Connections, How To

How to Combine Connections on iMac for Faster, More Reliable InternetWorking from home on your iMac? With the recent events, many are in a similar situation. This leads to overcrowding the residential networks you’re part of, which means slower Internet that is more susceptible to disconnects. So how can you avoid this? What if you would combine connections on iMac? … Read More

Combining Connections on MacBook Pro – Fast, Stable Internet

Cristian MiculiCombining Internet Connections, How To

MacBooks and Internet Speed and Reliability – a Love and Hate Story Most MacBook Pro users are on a constant struggle to find fast and stable Internet. Whether they’re working while traveling or, more recently, even while working from home. And that’s because everybody’s overcrowding the existing Internet infrastructure in residential areas. So what can you do about this? The … Read More

A to Z Guide to Combine Connections on Mac Mini and Mac Pro

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Use Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Cellular at the Same Time on Mac Mini / ProJust to clarify: we’re not talking about switching between connections – Wi-Fi, Ethernet, cellular dongle, etc. We’re saying you can use all your available connections simultaneously on your Mac Mini or Mac Pro. That’s great news, as your connection will get faster and more stable. Your Mac will be able … Read More

How to Combine Connections on macOS Simultaneously

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Use Your Home Internet, Tethered Smartphone and Any Other Connections Together at Once on Your MacHow many connections do you have available on your Mac? Let’s think for a moment: you have your home Internet, which you can connect to via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet you have your cellular connection from your smartphone you may have other USB network dongles … Read More

New Apple M1 Chip MacBook Is Out. How Does Speedify Perform?

Alex GizisFix Slow Internet, News

First Impression: Blown Away by the New Apple M1 Chip on ARM ArchitectureIt’s been one day since the new MacBook Air with the ARM based M1 processor chip arrived, and we are blown away. Since Apple first announced its transition from Intel’s x86-64 to its own designed chips using the ARM64 architecture, we’ve been making sure our apps will be … Read More

iPad Internet Slow? How to Fix It – Proven Solution

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How do I Fix Slow Internet on my iPad?Wondering why your iPad is so slow? Even if you’re using the latest apps on an “ancient” device from 2010, an Apple iPad shouldn’t slow down like an aging Windows PC or Android tablet does. So why does this happen? Whether you have an iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro … Read More