Streaming IRL on Instagram Live – Step by Step Guide

How to stream IRL on Instagram Live from Your PhoneWhen you’re broadcasting your day-to-day life, whether it’s walking down the street,  traveling, enjoying your hobbies or showing off your talents, you’re live streaming IRL (In Real Life). In terms of popularity, IRL streaming is ever so popular and will continue grow. Instagram Live started to boom during the pandemic and … Read More

How to Easily Fix Instagram Freezing Issues for Good

Never Let Instragram Freezing Issue to Stop you From Sharing your Moments OnlineInstagram has 1 billion monthly active users globally! Instagram is definitely amongst the most popular out there.  Sharing photos, videos, and video chat, which is now more than ever the safest way we can communicate with those who do not live with us. Those filters sure brighten us … Read More

How to Fix Instagram Crashes

How Instagram Conquers the WorldInstagram is a wonderful social media platform that many opt for these days. Even with maturing and being amongst the other big kids, it’s still growing new users at fabulous speed. To be exact  “In 2019, the percentage of US adults who use Instagram rose from 35% to 37% and the active reported users have held … Read More

[FIX] Instagram Freezing and Other Connection Related Issues

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[FIX] Instagram Not Working And Instagram Connection Issues

Instagram Not Working: Is Instagram Down or Are You Having Connection Issues?Instagram – growing in users since February 2020  and even adding new features to keep us connected in these times like the newest one – video chat! All of this is fabulous, until it’s not working or is lagging so badly you become frustrated. When Instagram is not working, you should check the outage … Read More

Instagram Not Refreshing? Are You Having Connection Issues?

Does Anyone Know why Instagram Feed is Not Refreshing? We Know Why!What’s great about Instagram is the ability to share photos, videos and now, you can even video chat! Who doesn’t love Instagram filters? Especially now that our beauty salons haven’t been open in weeks. But sometimes, Instagram is not refreshing. The posts won’t load, the stories they just keep hanging. You … Read More