Reasons to Use a VPN on iPad: Did You Ever Think of These?

VPN on iPad: Think Outside of Privacy Protection and Unblocking Content An iPad is one of those devices that merges the gap between a laptop and a smartphone. They also call them tablets. An iPad is a very useful productivity tool you can carry around, great for both work and play. The iPad, just as any other device that is … Read More

[Pro Tips] Why and How to Use a VPN on Your iPhone or iPad

Reasons to Use a VPN on iPhone Many people depend on their smartphones for their everyday activities. You use your phone when commuting, you use it to communicate, to check online banking and work related tasks. Hey, I am currently writing this blog on my iPhone! It is amazing to know we have all this technology at our fingertips. Being … Read More

Best Free VPN for iPad in 2019 for Privacy and Fast Internet

Which Free VPN for iPad You Should Choose in 2019Looking for a free VPN for iPad? Just do a quick search for that – you’ll see hundreds of results with thousands of recommendations. So, which one to choose? First, let’s understand what a VPN does. A VPN is a must have on any device It provides online privacy when accessing websites, shopping or gaming. You … Read More

How to Setup the Best VPN for iOS 12: Fast, Stable and Secure Internet

iOS 12 Setup of Fast VPN Service – No More Slow Internet iOS 12 has been on everyone’s mind since its preview days. Whether it’s the new Siri Shortcuts, the Facetime support for up to 32 people conversations, the Memoji (customizable Animoji) or just the performance improvements, iOS 12 has got everyone hyped about it. As the iOS 12 beta … Read More