[Pro Tips] Why and How to Use a VPN on Your iPhone or iPad

Reasons to Use a VPN on iPhone

Many people depend on their smartphones for their everyday activities. You use your phone when commuting, you use it to communicate, to check online banking and work related tasks. Hey, I am currently writing this blog on my iPhone!

It is amazing to know we have all this technology at our fingertips. Being connected to the internet is crucial. However, there are times when it is difficult to maintain a stable and fast connection. Plus, as we are always connected to the internet through one device or another, online privacy is becoming more and more important.

You are carrying a device like an iPhone that has all of your personal information and is always connected. So, what can you do to make sure you’re both connected to the internet and have your online privacy? Simple – use a bonding VPN.

Why Use a VPN on iPhone? Here Are 5 Reasons

The smartphones we use are constantly connected to the Internet, syncing data like emails and social media accounts. Have you ever thought about this: what if somebody intercepts your internet traffic and gets a hold of your credit card numbers, social media passwords or worse? This scenario is less likely if you are on your home WiFi or using your cellular data, but who can resist free public WiFi

Here are some other reasons to use a VPN on iPhone:

All pretty good reasons to use a VPN on iPhone, right? But wait, there’s more.

What About Speed – Aren’t VPNs Slow on iPhone?

Great question! Yes, most VPNs often times slow down your internet speed. Think about it: there’s strong encryption and your traffic has to make one additional stop, at the VPN server, before going out to the internet and back to you. VPNs simply can’t help but slow down your internet speed. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Or is it?

As the name suggest, Speedify is a VPN that can help you speed up your internet. Speedify is a bonding VPN app that performs multiple functions.

  • As a VPN, it encrypts your internet traffic and gives you complete online privacy while also allowing you to bypass government restrictions and access blocked websites.
  • As a channel bonding service, it combines the speeds from multiple different networks to provide faster internet.

This way, Speedify eliminates slow downs associated with most VPN services.

Why Speedify Bonding VPN Is Your Best Choice for iPhone

With its channel bonding technology, Speedify allows you to take advantage of both cellular and WiFi connection of your iPhone. Speedify makes you anonymous on the internet and encrypts your data. This means no hacker can intercept your traffic when you are enjoying your coffee and catching up on work, social or banking while connected to the cafe’s free WiFi.

Speedify also offers failover protection, which means you will always stay connected. If WiFi goes bad, Speedify will seamlessly switch traffic to cellular until the WiFi gets better.

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