Introducing the March Router Madness

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What Is the Ugliest Router? It’s mid March and we thought: why not combine the traditional March Madness basketball season with one of the most ignored devices in your home? So here it is – the March Router Madness! Let’s face it: you barely interact with your router after you put it in place and configure it. Every now and … Read More

[COMPLETE GUIDE] What Is a Router and How Does It Work?

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Networking 101: What Does a Router Do? We all have them in our homes, whether we refer to them as routers or residential gateways: that box with LEDs and antennas for Wi-Fi. So what is a router and how does it work? The official definition of a router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks, performing … Read More

How to Improve WiFi Connection on RV

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Stay Connected To the Internet Even On the Go Having a stable internet connection is important specially when you’re on the go. Whether you need Google Maps or Waze directions when driving in your RV, or want to watch YouTube videos while camping in an RV park, you need a fast and stable Internet connection for all your devices. Unfortunately, … Read More

How to Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Bonding Router

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Fast, Stable and Secure Internet Is Essential to Increase Remote Productivity Now that working remotely is becoming the norm, the need for better Internet connectivity is higher than ever. That’s because you’re not always in the office, where your company pays for fast Internet. When you’re working from home or while traveling, you have to get your own fast, stable … Read More

5 Uses for Raspberry Pi Routers to Get Better Internet

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How to Make Your Raspberry Pi Router Help You Get Faster, More Reliable and Secure Internet A predictable effect of working from home in the context of the Coronavirus outbreak is people have more time for DIY projects. This is why in March 2020 Raspberry Pi sales hit 640,000 – the second biggest month in terms of sales since they started selling. So then … Read More

How to Combine 4+ Connections at Once on Raspberry Pi

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Combining WiFi + Ethernet + Cellular on Raspberry Pi Are you obsessed with Internet speed and in need of a reliable Internet connection? Surely you can’t look at a Raspberry Pi without wondering how many internet connections you can get this crazy little computer to use simultaneously. More connections at once means failover and also increased bandwidth – who doesn’t … Read More