Is a Dedicated Bonding Router Really Worth the Money?

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What Is Bandwidth Bonding and How Does It Benefit You? As you’ve probably landed at this article looking for a bonding router, you are trying to combine 2 or more connections together. In computer networking context, channel bonding / bandwidth bonding / WAN-bonding / link aggregationrefers to combining (bonding) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: … Read More

Turn Your PC Into a Bonded DSL Modem / Router

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Looking for Bonding VDSL / ADSL Modems / Wireless Routers? Your PC Can Do That with the Right Software Do you connect to the Internet using a DSL type connection? Between ISP throttling issues and the increasing amount of bandwidth usage from things like music streaming, video streaming, and data intensive games and apps a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough for many people. One solution is … Read More

FBI Router Reboot Request Explained: How to Stay Protected Online

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FBI: Everyone Should Reboot Their Router to Disable VPNFilter Botnet Made by Russian Hackers In a May 2018 public service announcement, the FBI recommended “any owner of small office and home office routers power cycle (reboot) the devices“, as “foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and other networked devices worldwide.“  In this article, … Read More

Is There a Hidden Cost to your Xfinity Router?

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With the hopes of creating a nationwide public WiFi network, Comcast has been pushing new Xfinity WiFi routers into its customers’ homes that broadcast a public wireless network in addition to the home Internet connection. It’s an interesting idea that has been embraced by some, but has raised questions about security with others. As a bandwidth-obsessed engineer, my immediate inclination … Read More