VPN Custom DNS: Get More Security & Speed from Your VPN

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Online Privacy Protection = Encryption + DNS Leak ProtectionWith Speedify, you can set a custom DNS server to use with your VPN connection. This is an important feature every VPN should have – keep reading to find out why. A VPN protects your online privacy by encrypting all your Internet traffic. That’s the theory of it, at least. In real life, … Read More

How to Fix OBS Dropped Frames and Connection Issues

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Stop OBS Dropped Frames when Streaming on Fluctuating Bitrate Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the most popular free open source software for live streaming and video recording on many streaming platforms, including Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. Unfortunately, the most common issue users are seeing is the OBS “dropped frames”, which means that the connection to the server is not stable … Read More