How to Fix SurfEasy Disconnects & VPN Connection Problems

What to do when SurfEasy keeps Disconnecting and the VPN won’t stay connected. SurfEasy has a good reputation when it comes to security. But, many users experience a slowdown of their Internet connection, or even worse they keep getting disconnected when trying to use the service. It doesn’t matter how secure a VPN service is if you can’t even use … Read More

How to Fix Slow SurfEasy VPN Internet Connection

SurfEasy VPN too slow? Here’s what to doPeople are increasingly turning to VPN apps to help keep their data and devices safe from various cyber threats while surfing the Internet. Because VPNs encrypt the data sent to and from your device, they do a good job of shielding you from many potential dangers. But, sometimes when using SurfEasy, users encounter … Read More