How to Fix TunnelBear Disconnect Issues

Something Wrong with Your TunnelBear VPN Connection? We all love TunnelBear, both for the secure VPN service they provide and also for the very nice branding they do, with their “bears”. But sometimes you may be running into un”bear”able connection issues when using TunnelBear and just want to make it work properly. Usually, TunnelBear slows down your Internet connection and/or … Read More

How to Fix Slow TunnelBear VPN Connection

TunnelBear Stuck on Connecting or Very Slow? Here’s How to Fix ItTunnelBear is one of many VPN apps that are designed to keep your data and devices secure as you browse the Internet. However, many users encounter issues with TunnelBear running slowly. Sometimes, it runs so slowly that it is almost impossible to even use the Internet for browsing. Other … Read More