Best VPN for International Travel: an A to Z Guide

Stay Secure Abroad with the Best VPN for International Travel

When you’re traveling internationally, you certainly rely on a lot of public WiFi networks. This means that you need the online security and privacy of a fast mobile VPN service:

  • you don’t want others to spy on what you’re doing online.
  • you always want to be online, regardless of spotty WiFi hotspots or lack of mobile data signal.
  • you need the capability to unblock restricted content in your home country.

Read below to learn what the best VPN for international travel is and how it gets you fast, reliable and secure Internet.

Best VPN for International Travel: What, Why and Easy Setup Guide

The best VPN for international travel should do more than what your traditional VPN does – securing your online activities:

  • Connection security – you don’t want cyber criminals to get hold of your sensitive data about your business, eavesdrop on your VoIP calls on Skype or even your personal accounts with Facebook or Twitter, do you?
  • Connection stability – being always online (and working!) is important, especially in the middle of an important business call with screen sharing and important decisions to be made. Or simply when watching a live event online.
  • Connection speed – while you might think reliability takes the lead, imagine yourself working on a 56k-like connection speed. It’s like not working at all due to the lack of usable Internet.

How to Choose the Best VPN for International Travel

Here are the steps you should take to get yourself the best VPN for international travel:

  1. Make sure the VPN service does not log your online activities or sell them to 3rd parties. Although all VPNs will protect your online activities to a certain degree (especially important when using unprotected public Wi-Fi hotspots), confirm that the one you choose has a no-log policy and they will not sell your “anonymized” traffic data to 3rd party marketing companies.
  2. Don’t use free VPN solutions! Although it sounds tempting, you’ll basically get what you’re paying for and “more” in the sense that you might have different companies “chasing” you online with advertisements.
  3. Go for stability – conventional VPN services have a major flaw with how they’re built, running all traffic through a single connection.
    Bonding VPNs have automatic and seamless Internet failover protection, as they can use multiple Internet connections simultaneously – WiFi and mobile data on your phone, for example.
  4. Seek the speed – any conventional VPN service adds overhead to the online traffic in order to encrypt it, so, your Internet will be slower when using traditional VPNs.
    By combining multiple connections, bonding VPNs will actually get faster speeds for your bandwidth hungry VoIP video calls or online video streams.
  5. Get full coverage for all your devices – whether you’re working from your Mac or PC laptop or from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, the VPN for road warriors solution you choose should support all these devices and, more than that, not charge you extra for additional devices.

Conclusion: Speedify Is the Best VPN for International Travel

Speedify is a next generation bonding VPN service that uses fast encryption technologies to secure your online traffic. Speedify can use multiple connection at the same time, increasing the Internet speed and, at the same time, making it more reliable – if one connection should drop, Speedify intelligently routes the traffic to the other one, without skipping a beat! Speedify runs on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

With Speedify you’ll definitely be getting the best VPN for international travel. Using a VPN will protect you, but most of them will also slow down the Internet. Speedify doesn’t do that, as it uses fast encryption and can also combine multiple connections for increased bandwidth, lower latency and more stability. With Speedify fast bonding VPN, you don’t compromise speed for security.

Plus – very important in today’s world – Speedify doesn’t log any data regarding your online activity, as other VPNs (or even your own ISP) might do, in order to sell your browsing data to marketing agencies – ever wondered how come “the ads” know you’ve been looking at something in particular?

Get the best VPN for international travel. Speedify provides the speed, security and reliability you need when abroad. Get started with Speedify now!

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