Fast and Secure Live Broadcast Journalism with Speedify Bonding VPN

Live Broadcast Journalism – Easy and Beneficial

Live broadcast journalism isn’t limited to news reporting but extends to performance arts and theater as well. Whether a reporter is reporting a criminal case or an artist is performing on stage, live broadcast journalism engages audiences and broadens their perception of journalism.

With the advent of Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other such platforms, anyone can now be a live broadcast journalist. Social media has paved a new way for people to report mishaps in their areas and to spread awareness.

While news reporters from TV channels and newspapers cannot cover everything, locals can broadcast live videos and make them go viral.

Live broadcast journalism has gained momentum quickly because all it needs is a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. You don’t need any specific software either. If you’re on Facebook, you can go live from your account.

Need to share a musical event, a theatrical performance, traffic conditions in your area, or just about anything? You can do it easily and connect with people from all over the world in almost no time.

Requirements for Live Broadcast Journalism

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t many requirements. You can use a broadcasting app or just go on YouTube or Facebook Live. The latter is easy because this way your video will be broadcasted to everyone who is on Facebook. And since almost everyone with an internet connection is on it, you’ll get a wider audience.

All you need is a Facebook account (which you probably have already) and a stable internet connection. You might be getting speeds close to 1 Gbps at home, but if you’re planning to live broadcast something outside your home, you’ll have to depend on public Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

And since there would be a number of people trying to connect to the same Wi-Fi, the performance of that network would be poor. In large venues, there are generally several Wi-Fi routers placed at different locations.

All these routers will be swamped as people try to connect to them. If you’re getting poor speeds in such conditions, you can combine the bandwidths of all these routers to get one single stream with good speeds.

To combine the speeds of all these channels, you’ll need an app that could perform channel bonding (or link aggregation) services. With link aggregation, the bandwidth of multiple channels is combined into one channel.

Staying Safe while Broadcasting Live with a VPN

Live recording a theatrical performance is one thing. Reporting a crime is a completely different thing. If you are reporting police brutality or any other incident that might land you in trouble, you may want to go anonymous.

If you’re using Facebook Live, your real name will be visible to anyone who watches the video. It’s best to use another name for the sake of anonymity. A lot of people have fake IDs because of this reason. While Facebook discourages the creation of such accounts, they can be useful when you don’t want to reveal your true identity.

Another thing you’ll need is a VPN. While a fake account will show a different name, you can still be traced due to your IP address.

A VPN is an app that will change your IP address. So when you live report an incident using a VPN and a fake account, it will be difficult to trace you. You can safely report a crime and still be anonymous.

Live Broadcast Journalism Succes = Combining Link Aggregation and VPN Security with Speedify

Speedify is an app that doesn’t just secure your connection as a VPN but also provides fast and stable Internet by using channel bonding technology.

Speedify is available on all major platforms, so you can use it on your laptop as well as smartphone or tablet. It can combine 2 or more networks to provide you the best speeds for live broadcast journalism. But it also can work with a single connection, making it more stable.

If you’re sharing a video on Facebook Live with a slow connection, your audience will get pixelated and slow streaming, rendering it useless. When you connect to Speedify, it manages everything. Just run the app and it will automatically combine all active connections on your device.

Speedify has servers in over 50 locations all over the world, and you can connect to any one of them. When you open YouTube or Facebook Live using Speedify, you’ll experience better speeds and your IP will be hidden. So, if there is a wrongdoing in your area, you can report it anonymously.

Going live on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Download the Speedify app from the app stores and experience a faster and smoother internet.

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Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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