The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Internet in an RV

Overview of Mobile Internet Options for RV

Whenever you’re on the move in your RV, you have to rely on any Internet connection you can get. The 3 main ways to access the Internet while on the road are:

  • public or private accessible WiFi networks. Examples include Starbucks, McDonalds, the ones in RV parks, etc.
  • cellular connections – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, etc.
  • satellite connections – Dish, Hughesnet, Starband, etc.

Most of the time it’s crucial you have a good Internet connection. You will be able to work while traveling, access online maps or simply relax while watching streaming movies. So – how can you be sure you have the best and fastest RV Internet connection?

See below how to get the best Internet in an RV.

Why You Often Get Slow and Unreliable RV Internet

When you’re traveling by RV it can be hard to get any online work done. That’s because you often get a flaky, slow, or unreliable WiFi connection.

Compared to wired connections, which are unavailable in your motorhome, wireless connections are far more prone to sporadic and temporary connectivity issues.

This is what happens when you see the Internet is slow:

  • packets of transmitted data are lost or received out of order.
  • the connection tries to resync, thus slowing down the whole process.
  • if the packet loss rate is high, the connection will not be functional.

Assuming you have access to multiple connections – WiFi, cellular, satellite – this will not save you from slow Internet. Each connection can be slow on its own. The best you can get is be able to stay online, with short disconnects while you switch between connections.

Meet Speedify – Your Solution to Best RV Internet

Speedify is a unique software app available for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. It was built specifically to harness and optimize all the Internet connections you have available. This results in faster, more stable, and secure RV Internet.

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that uses channel bonding technology. You can use multiple Internet connections at once and correct the RV Internet transmission errors you get when moving around.

RV Internet Access – Speedify Improves Bandwidth

This is where Speedify steps up:

Even if you’re using a single connection with Speedify, it will improve the whole RV Internet experience. We tested this and saw it can deliver up to twice the bandwidth compared to not using Speedify:

Discover the Best RV Internet Service Options: Combine Connections with Speedify

Speedify can bond two or more RV Internet connections to give you a secure, fast and reliable connection. On your smartphone you permanently have 2 connections available: WiFi and cellular.

If you’re using your laptop, you can tether your phone so you can also benefit from the mobile data. Or you can combine your satellite connection with a cellular dongle. Or use multiple mobile data USB dongles. In any case, Speedify intelligently combines the connections on your device. You won’t even pay any extra fees to your mobile provider for going over your plan’s data allowance. Speedify is cost-aware and can be configured as such.

Here’s how Speedify improves your available bandwidth when you’re using 2 RV Internet connections:

As you can see, Speedify delivers more than 3 times the bandwidth you can get versus not using Speedify at all. All while traveling in your motorhome with 2 active Internet links. That’s very cool indeed!

Reduce Buffering, Eliminate Dropped Connections and Enjoy Your RV Internet

If you’re using two or more connections with Speedify, you’ll always be online. Speedify intelligently monitors the quality of your connections. It will know before your Internet drops and will shift the traffic to the other working connection(s). Once the troublesome connection gets back in parameters, data is going to be sent through it. This way, you won’t get any annoying buffering screens or skip a beat on your Spotify.

Speedify Keeps You Safe Online in Your RV

While traveling in your motorhome, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots can be dangerous. Many cyber attackers lurk around just to get your private data. Using a VPN will protect you, but most of them will also slow down your RV Internet. This happens as all data passes through their servers first before going to or from its final destination.

Speedify bonding VPN doesn’t slow down your online speed. It uses an advanced encryption algorithm that is fast and secure. This allows you to avoid compromising speed for security.

Most important: Speedify doesn’t log any data regarding your online activity. Other services (especially free VPNs) might do that. They collect data to sell it to marketing agencies for targeted advertising.

It’s time you take over your RV Internet connection and use it on your own terms. Get the best  RV Internet with Speedify! 

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