6 Steps to Fix NordVPN Streaming Issues Once and for All

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Is There a Problem with NordVPN?

So you’re having NordVPN streaming issues. Are these problems related to you not being able to access certain video when the VPN is on? Or you get the dreaded buffering / low quality video when watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc?

The solution is simple when you can’t access a certain service – try another NordVPN server or another VPN.

If it’s not NordVPN itself, but Internet connection issues, you need to focus on troubleshooting that. Read this article and find out how to get the best quality videos even on slow and unstable Internet connections.


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Why You Get NordVPN Streaming Issues

Before we start troubleshooting streaming issues with NordVPN, there are two things you need to check:

  1. Is it NordVPN or the streaming platform you’re trying to access? The streaming platform of your choice should be up and running without issues. Check and see if there’s any news of issues for NetflixHuluHBODisney+, BBC, etc. If it’s not them, then it’s you.
  2. Can you access and stream videos from the platform without NordVPN on? If so – are you still seeing buffering on the videos you’re streaming?
  3. How’s your Internet speed?Just run a speed test to find out. Is your Internet bandwidth fast enoughwithin these recommendations: at least 5 Mbps for a HD quality video / 25 Mbps for an Ultra HD video?

If it’s NordVPN or your Internet connection (points 2, 3 above), then you should start troubleshooting.

6 Tips to Avoid NordVPN Streaming Issues

To troubleshoot, start by making sure you can access the content via the VPN. Then – work your way with the Internet connection:

  1. If you’re unable to access the streaming content while running NordVPN, use a different server. You have the option of disabling the VPN each time you want to stream videos. You can also get another VPN that can both keep you protected and allow you to access your favorite streaming platform.
  2. Reboot your router and the device you’re streaming from (computer, tablet, phone, etc.). Sometimes that’s all you need to do.
  3. Move closer to the wireless router. Actually, use a wired connection, if available.
  4. Close any background programs that might be using bandwidth. These include backup programs, social networks, collaboration tools, etc.
  5. Check to see if there are any other devices on your home network using bandwidth. Maybe your kids are streaming something themselves. Or playing games online.
  6. Do you have a second Internet connection available (e.g. public WiFi, mobile data, backup connection)? Just use that extra connection along with your home Internet simultaneously for faster, more stable Internet. All you need is a channel bonding VPN service like Speedify.

Use all of your connections at the same time

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Speedify can bond any combination of 2 or more Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance.

In the majority of cases, Speedify will automatically detect and start using any Internet connections available to your device - but if you need help we have quick start guides available for most common set ups.

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It’s Time to Forget About NordVPN Streaming Issues with Speedify

VPNs slow down your Internet connection, because of the additional encryption and server connection involved. As a fast bonding VPN, Speedify allows you to combine multiple Internet connections at once. This happens through a VPN-grade encrypted tunnel, so your privacy and data security is protected.

If one of the connections you’re using becomes slower or even disconnects, Speedify will automatically start moving traffic to the other working connection(s). When the initial connection is back, it starts using it again.

And don’t worry – just because it’s also a VPN doesn’t mean you can’t access your favorite streaming platforms. Speedify’s bypass feature allows only trusted traffic from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+ and more to go around the encrypted tunnel.

We hope to have answered your question on fixing NordVPN streaming problems. Next step is for you to switch to Speedify bonding VPN.


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