Solve Video Streaming Problems and Stop Endless Buffering

Need Help on Your Video Streaming Problems?

Technology has advanced so much that anyone can now stream 4k / UHD quality TV and videos no matter where they are. But, many still struggle with playback of 720p HD streaming problems over YouTube.

Sometimes the it takes forever for a movie to start because of buffering. Other times you get a lower resolution video instead of superior high definition. Having streaming problems on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? You need to understand the causes before you can fix the problem. We’ll get more into that below. We’ll also present a solution to your streaming problems.

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Why You Are Having Problems Streaming Videos

Most of the times, it all comes down to your Internet connection. If you don’t have enough bandwidth to stream videos, you will get:

  1. Low resolution – YouTube will automatically adjust quality to insure smooth playback;
  2. Buffering – you have to pause the video and give it a few minutes to load more before playing it. For live video streaming you’ll actually lose content.
  3. Stuttering – videos can pause and resume in the worst moments.

It is possible that you will encounter these streaming problems even if you’re paying for a fast Internet connection to your ISP. A full HD (1080p) streaming video should have no issues with loading cursively on a 10 Mbps connection, even if you’re doing some browsing or social media on the side. But still – why are videos loading slow if we assume you have at least this connection speed installed?

What Causes Streaming Problems on Fast Internet Connections

Here are some possible reasons why you may encounter streaming problems on fast Internet:

  • There are temporary technical issues with your ISP – you may be getting lower bandwidth than what you’re paying for. Run an online speed test and check this out.
  • Your ISP has peering issues with the streaming platform. For example – your YouTube videos may load and play just fine, but you may be experiencing buffering and slow loading videos with others, such as Twitch, Vimeo, Hulu, etc.
  • Your ISP may be throttling data to some platforms. The symptoms are similar to the above, only this time it’s intentional from the ISP. Check here if your ISP is throttling your connection.
  • If you’re traveling or on the move, your laptop or mobile device may lose the continuity of the Internet connection while roaming between WiFi hotspots and cellular data.

Of course, if the bandwidth that you’re getting according to the contract is too low, you should expect this type of issues. In this case, the best solution would be to upgrade to a better Internet package or combine 2 or more connections.

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Just One Hack to Fix Streaming Problems and Get Faster Streaming Video – Use Speedify

Speedify is a bonding VPN app that brings something unique to the table: channel bonding technology. It unlocks the full power of your devices, allowing you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously. This gives you more bandwidth for your streaming videos. With Speedify there is no more buffering, frozen or slow loading videos.

Speedify also comes with automatic failover protection. This means that if one of your connections fails, Speedify automatically reroutes all the traffic through your available connection. This happens in the background without you having to do anything. You just get to keep enjoying your streaming videos.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify makes your internet secure, stable, and fast with the magic of Channel Bonding--but how?

  1. First, Speedify establishes a connection to one of our Speed Servers in the Cloud. This acts as a middleman between you and the rest of the internet, keeping your web activity private and secure.
  2. Next, the app works with the Speed Server to intelligently spread network packets among all your available internet connections.
  3. And presto! Speedify is able to provide the combined speed and stability of all your internet connections—unlike any other VPN on the market.

Solve Streaming Problems and Protect Your Online Privacy with Speedify

With Speedify, you not only get a faster and more reliable internet connection. Your connection is also more secure. Speedify protects you from compromised WiFi networks and snooping hackers. It uses advanced encryption to make sure your private data stays under your control.

Before Speedify, users often had to choose between security and speed. Because Speedify was designed with speed as one of its primary goals, you no longer have to sacrifice speed for security. You can have both. And your videos will never load slow again.

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