7 Ways to Smartly Use Live Streaming Videos for Your Business

Live Streaming Videos – Today’s Big Thing in Marketing

The tech world is fast-paced. A couple of years back, people assumed video content would take screen time a notch higher. But it went even further and now we find ourselves glued to screens for as long as we can. This has become one of the fastest ways to grab some eyeballs for many business ventures.

Views and likes are now helping people to reach heights and live streaming has taken the game a level up. And it’s much easier today to live stream anything. So how exactly can you get in front of potential clients or followers? Keep reading and you’ll find out.

Requirements for Live Streaming for Your Business

All you need is a mobile device (usually a smartphone) with a good camera plus fast and stable internet to grab all the attention you deserve. Potential customers or followers will be able to watch your live streams online. But you can grab their attention offline as well, if you’ve got a physical space. Most compact and lightweight mini projectors work decently in showing videos to the masses.

Apart from the latest devices, a speedy and reliable Internet connection is also required. According to some studies, people spend 3X more time on live videos than pre-recorded and edited videos. 

A simple way to eliminate all live streaming connectivity hassles is to use multiple Internet connections at the same time. On your smartphone, for example, you can combine Wi-Fi and cellular. This is exactly what Speedify bonding VPN does – it allows you to enjoy better live streaming. Your live videos will not suffer from any buffering, stuttering or disconnects. And viewers will be able to see them in the best quality. Speedify works with any live streaming platform, be it YouTubeFacebook LiveTwitch or others.

1. Reach Your Target Audience with Regular Live Broadcasts

Videos are a great way to get to your target audience. When you stream live from your premises, you reach a wider community who want to interact and connect with you in real-time. With time limits uplifted, video can stream live through multiple platforms.

This has not only increased brand awareness, but also enhanced the overall feedback. An event is a success when it gets global and what is better to reach people beyond borders than live-streaming the events. Companies like Lululemon and Blinds.com communicate live once a week with customers.

2. Showcase Some Behind the Scenes Videos

People are used to getting the end product or service, but have you ever witnessed the excitement of customers when they see the product in its making?

We often get excited watching the behind the scenes of a movie and wonder in disguise. When you live stream a product while it’s made, it naturally drives the attention of the audience towards your company. It enhances the engagement even before the product is launched and this can result in a positive outcome later. Target streamed behind-the-scenes footage of a Gwen Stefani music video and got over 75,000 views.

3. Host Training Workshops and Seminars

Youtube is loaded with tutorials and training videos that are very helpful to many of the users. Live streaming those training sessions, especially when your speaker is a well-known personality from the field, can boost up the excitement and engagement of the audience that you connect with. You can talk live, give them instructions, get their honest viewpoints and answer their immediate questions in the meantime.

Wendy Davis’ 13-hour filibuster in 2013 crossed over 250,000 views across 180 countries, generating over 400 membership sign-ups after the stream concluded.

4. Run Contests

This has always been a fun part in marketing overall and social media especially. The various influencers keep their audience engaged by throwing random giveaways and running contests. This attracts a lot of users who engage with your profile, participate and eventually end up benefiting you and your company.

Live streaming can take this enthusiasm much higher. You can simply ask your users to participate in the contest or maybe show them one running in the office. BeatJunkies.TV posts regular challenges on their Instagram account, encouraging followers to show off their DJing skills for a chance to win a month’s membership to their service.

5. Engage in Live Feedback Sessions

People don’t always tick off all the boxes on the feedback form, they might find it boring. But asking them for their feedback on a live streaming video can actually help in gaining some honest opinions about your upcoming project.

Not only does it excite them, but it also involves them in the process. You can respond and clear their doubts or maybe take note of some of them. Photography expert Trey Ratcliff got a massive response when he offered free photography critique through Facebook Live.

6. Live Troubleshooting

Live streaming videos on troubleshooting the real issues will help you grab some eyeballs. Usually websites allow people to talk to a bot rather than a real human being. Streaming live videos and giving them solutions will help them to connect with you in real time and appreciate you for your constant efforts to stay in touch.

Benefit Cosmetics chose to host a series of how-to videos teaching makeup techniques and raised brand awareness.

7. Keep Your Customers Updated to Your Progress

When a project takes a long time or when the users are too excited for the upcoming launch, you can give them a quick status update by live streaming the process. This will boost up engagement and will grab their attention early on the project. Chevrolet announced the product release of new EV Bolt and its features via a Facebook Live video.

Almost everybody has access to social media platforms nowadays. Using these is the key to unlock all the hurdles and barriers that may come your way. It will benefit you by increasing brand awareness, the number of followers and hopefully the number of customers.

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