Connection Bonding: How To Combine Internet Connections

How good is your internet connection?

Half of the World’s population has access to the Internet. But how many have a fast and stable connection?

Many people still rely on a less than ideal connection, especially in rural areas. Satellite and dial-up are still a reality for many people around the world. And even with access to DSL, ADSL and 4G, people are still struggling with slow speeds and unreliable connections. Connections that seem to give in at the most inconvenient moment possible. Channel bonding can be a solution to your problems, but which channel bonding solution should you go with? Let’s discuss that.

Who is connection bonding for?

If you live in an area where Internet coverage and speed are hit or miss, you might want to think about bonding two (or more) connections. You’ve probably heard of combining multiple Internet connections using a process known as channel bonding. Bonding two connections allows you to combine their speeds which in turn gives you a faster, more stable connection. 

Whether you depend on a stable Internet connection for work or entertainment, connection bonding is definitely something that can help!

Connection bonding may sound a bit complicated, but stay tuned. It’s very simple, basically a one click solution if you already have more than one connection at your disposal.

Channel Bonding: How To Combine Internet Connections For Faster Speeds

There are a few solutions on the market that take advantage of connection bonding. Most of them will require hardware which is not easy to set up. Moreover, if things stop working all of a sudden, troubleshooting hardware solutions can be a nightmare.
In addition to the Internet packages and routers/modems provided by your internet service provider you will need an additional router, more wires… and I don’t want to be vulgar, but the price…

Most connection bonding solutions available are targeted at enterprises and don’t offer anything for us ordinary folk. Well, there is one connection bonding solution that everyone can use, simple and straightforward, no additional hardware required. Here’s an example:

You install the program and run it on your computer. Next, plug in the Ethernet connection from one ISP and connect with WiFi to another. And just like that the two connections are bonded. That’s how simple Speedify is to use. And you are not limited to just Ethernet and WiFi, Speedify can combine all kinds of connections, it even works on your phone!

How Does Connection Bonding Work With Speedify?

Speedify bonding VPN  works by splitting all your internet packets over multiple networks and assembles them at the Speedify server. It sounds complicated, but it’s automated so nothing to worry about there. Speedify  takes care of connection bonding. If one connection goes offline, it automatically reroutes all Internet activity through the remaining connection until the lost connection comes back online. In addition, since Speedify is a VPN, it has all of the perks associated with VPNs such as encryption, Speedify hides your traffic and and provides online privacy.  Speedify takes care of everything related to connection bonding automatically. You don’t need an IT expert to use Speedify.

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