How to Combine Starlink Internet with Wi-Fi on a Mac

Use Your Starlink Internet Together with a Secondary Wi-Fi Connection for More Reliable and Faster Connectivity on macOS

You may ask yourself why use two Internet sources at the same time, like Starlink and another Wi-Fi. The benefits of doing this with a channel bonding app like Speedify include getting a faster, more stable and secure Internet.

In this guide you will learn how to use your Starlink satellite Internet connection via Wi-Fi together with another Wi-Fi network for better Internet.

You can get a secondary Internet connection via a different ISP.  Examples include DSL, cable, or cellular connections. Speedify can bond your Starlink satellite connection with any number or combination of other Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic among them for optimal performance. Plus, if you get disconnected from Starlink in the middle of an important video call or file transfer, Speedify will seamlessly failover to your other working Internet connection(s) without skipping a beat.

NOTE: For best results, use Internet connections from different sources. In general, joining the same upstream network multiple times (such as the same router via Ethernet and Wi-Fi) will not improve performance.

3 Steps to Combine Starlink Internet and Wi-Fi on a Mac

Step 1: Connect to Your Starlink Wi-Fi Hotspot

First - make sure you setup your Starlink according to the instructions you received in the package. This includes setting up your new Starlink Wi-Fi network, along with your password.

Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar. (If Wi-Fi is off, choose "Turn Wi-Fi on.") Select the Wi-Fi hotspot associated with your Starlink connection and enter the password to connect.

Need help with this step? Visit Apple’s knowledge base to learn more.

Step 2: Configure and Connect your USB Wi-Fi Adapter

You can use a secondary Wi-Fi connection on your Mac computer if it's running MacOS version 11 (Big Sur) or older. You’ll need a compatible USB Wi-Fi adapter and any corresponding software or drivers from the device manufacturer. Instructions may vary for your specific make or model.

Connect your USB Wi-Fi Adapter to a USB port on your Mac. Install the necessary drivers and Wireless Utility for your USB Wi-Fi network adapter. Once complete, you may be required to restart your Mac.

Turn On the Wireless Utility of your USB Wi-Fi Network Adapter.
Next, open the Wireless Utility and select and connect to a network from the list that appears. Be aware that you usually have to enter a password for private networks.

You should now be connected to a Wi-Fi network via your USB Wi-Fi Adapter. To confirm your connection status, visit System Preferences, click Network, and look for your new adapter in the list on the left.

NOTE: If you're using MacOS Monterey (version 12) or newer, you will not be able to use a USB Wi-Fi adapter, as Apple removed support for these. Instead, here are some alternatives:

Step 3: Download and Install Speedify

Last but certainly not least, download and install Speedify. Once running, Speedify will automatically detect your Starlink connection and any other available Internet connections and combine them for increased speed, security, and stability.

You can manage settings, view statistics, and even apply limits to individual connections by either clicking/tapping on them from the Dashboard or by navigating to the desired connection through the main Settings menu.

Speedify will work quietly in the background to optimize performance including prioritizing streaming web traffic to avoid stuttering, buffering and disconnects.

When using Starlink Internet, Speedify is the only VPN that makes your online experiences faster, more reliable, and more secure.

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