Why You Need a Cryptocurrency VPN when Trading or Mining

Should You Use a VPN for Cryptocurrency?

The short answer: yes. And that's because a VPN adds an extra layer of security between your device and the Internet. But why exactly do you need that when dealing with crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum or the mighty Dogecoin? How does a VPN affect trading crypto and mining for crypto? In this article we're answering these questions and more, to explain why it's recommended you use a cryptocurrency VPN.

How to Truly Secure Your Cryptocurrency Activities

All cryptocurrency protocols have a high level of security, using end-to-end encryption, especially on exchange websites like Binance, Kraken, eToro, Coinbase, etc. However, critical security vulnerabilities can be discovered at some point, so using an extra layer of security, like a VPN, is always a good idea.

VPNs secure your online activities by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer or mobile device and a server in the cloud. This way, no entities like hackers, your ISP, the government or your corporate network can see what you're doing online.

Before we go on, whenever dealing with cryptocurrency - trading (buying, selling, exchanging) or using your crypto wallet, you should secure your activities with things like:

That being said, let's dive into the usefulness of a cryptocurrency VPN.

3 Reasons to Use a Cryptocurrency VPN

Along with securing your online traffic through encryption, a VPN allows you to connect to  different servers in the cloud, usually located all over the world. That way, you will appear as connecting from that region. For example, if you're physically in Europe, you can use a VPN and connect to a server in the US. All the websites and apps you use will consider you as connecting from the US.

Here are three scenarios when you may want to use a crypto VPN:

  1. When mining through cryptocurrency pools. As you know, you can be traced by your IP address and when you handle crypto, it's better to be safe than sorry.
  2. To access certain crypto exchanges and coins that are restricted. Some cryptocurrencies are blocked in some locations, as they are more difficult to track for taxes, etc.
  3. To protect your sensitive data. Whenever you're trading cryptocurrencies, you're using your sensitive data as your ID (where required), your bank account / credit card number, authentication codes, etc. Also - you may be using your cryptocurrency wallet. You don't want this data to go to anyone, basically.

But which VPN should you use? How to choose the right cryptocurrency VPN for you?

4 Tips to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency VPN

Not all VPNs are the same. That's why you should really pick the right one for you. Here are 4 things you should take into account:

  1. Forget about free VPNs when doing crypto. There's a reason why they are free, and it's usually because they sell your data to advertisers.
  2. Choose a no-log VPN. The VPN provider should not collect any browsing or traffic data. You should be able to check that in their privacy policy.
  3. The kill switch is a must. It works by not allowing your device to communicate with the Internet when there's an issue between you and the VPN server you're connecting to.
  4. Don't sacrifice speed for security. Using a VPN is a good idea overall, not just when you're mining or trading crypto. Don't let the VPN slow down your Internet - choose a VPN that is fast.

Why Speedify Is the Best Cryptocurrency VPN for Trading and Mining

Following the advice above, we recommend you use Speedify as your cryptocurrency VPN. Speedify is a fast , no-log bonding VPN that secures your online activities without slowing down your Internet connection. That's being done through channel bonding technology, which allows you to use all your available Internet connections at once.

The benefits for trading and using crypto exchanges and wallets are obvious. But for those mining for themselves or using mining pools, the bonding part is really interesting, as it allows them to have a more reliable connection. This means that they can avoid forced pauses caused by Internet disconnects.

To wrap this up: you should always use a VPN, especially when dealing with cryptocurrency. Choose the one that's fit for you and remember: you can have security, speed and reliability at once, with Speedify.

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