Supporting UFD’s Cannonball for the Cure 2022

Target Amount to Donate for Research: $250,000

This year, Speedify is proud to support UFD's Cannonball for the Cure 2022. The goal is to surpass last year's $150,000 in donations and to fund the next phase of SRF’s drug discovery research with Rarebase, PBC. It’s possible that already approved FDA drugs exist which can help address the devastating effects of SYNGAP1, a rare, genetic disease.

To help the efforts, Brett Stelmaszek and Kevin W. Frye will go from New York City to Los Angeles in a Tesla car while live streaming their journey.

Live Streaming the Journey Across America

Team UFD Tech are starting their coast-to-coast journey on Friday, October 21st, at 9 AM Eastern at the Red Ball Garage in New York City. The 3,000 mile drive is scheduled to be over on October 23rd at the Portofino Hotel in Los Angeles.

In terms of tech, the Cannonball for the Cure 2022 crew will be live streaming on multiple platforms including YouTube and Twitch. The Tesla vehicle they are using is connected to Starlink satellite Internet and also to cellular from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

What we are doing with Speedify is provide a reliable connection for the live stream so they will be online regardless to what happens to any one of their connections. We are excited to offer this support to them and hope to get many donations during their live stream.

Donate to Support Cannonball for the Cure

Please consider donating for this fundraiser to benefit the SynGAP Research Fund, which is committed to accelerating science to cure SYNGAP1 and to support families affected by the disease.

Within those approximate 60 hours of live streaming the journey from East to West US, there will be many surprises for the viewers, so you might want to tune in! You can watch highlights of the live stream on UFD's Twitch channel.

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