Cord Cutter’s Guide 2020: Save Money and Enjoy Trouble-Free Streaming

Everything You Need to Know About Cord Cutting

Why be stuck to an inflexible cable TV subscription where you only choose “packages” and not individual stations? Who says we can’t we enjoy media for a fraction of the cost?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reported that the average cost of cable TV per month is around  $64.41. However, this may vary depending on some factors like your cable package, location, and your cable provider. It’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t include taxes!

On the other hand, the average internet package in the US is around $50 a month without any promotions. Clearly, more and more users are trying this route and are constantly looking for a good cord cutter guide.

Why pay for a separate cable subscription if you can just use your mobile data or home internet to view the same content online? All you need to do is decide on one of a few subscriptions to streaming content services and you’re done!

The Cord Cutting Guide to Save You Big and Help You Enjoy Video Streaming without Issues

There are more and more online services offering streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC, etc. Most of these are paid, but some have content that can be accessed for free.

Let’s do a little bit of math. For every internet streaming service, you’re going to pay for the subscription. This will allow you to stream shows on multiple devices. On top of that, you are not forced to go into years of contract, like when getting a cable subscription.

When you don’t have a cable subscription, you get to have more flexibility. No more stations you’ll never watch, but are there anyway, in a “package“. No more bulky cable boxes.

Plus, cable boxes and DVRs are shamefully power inefficient. A 2011 study by the National Resources Defense Council(NRDC) found that cable boxes and DVRs were staggeringly power hungry. Based on the estimated number of these units in the United States, the net power bill for all the cable boxes and DVRs across the country was roughly 3 billion dollars. Out of those, 2 billion dollars were wasted while the devices sat idle. So, when becoming a cord cutter in 2020, you’ll be saving on your electricity bill as well.

Cord Cutting – Too Good to Be True? What’s the Catch?

Here’s the catch: if your internet connection goes bad, no more streaming for you!

Not all internet providers can provide what you need in terms of a good internet connection for cord cutting. Some can be fast but unreliable, some can be reliable but not fast enough. There’s even a chance that there’s no option for a good internet provider! Choosing the right internet provider is a must when going for this cord cutter route in 2020 

If you’re going to invest in a good internet service, you should consider the following:

  • the internet providers available in your area;
  • the cost;
  • the speed; 
  • the reliability.

Some cheaper internet packages tend to be slow and some expensive ones can have bandwidth limitations or caps. But what if you could get both speed and reliability in one?

Imagine taking several pipes of water and then funneling them together for a stronger and more consistent flow. There’s a service that does exactly that – Speedify.

Cord Cutter’s Guide 2020 Best Advice: Combine Internet Connections for Hassle-Free Streaming of Content

As mentioned before, it’s not only choosing the right online streaming services that’s important for cord cutters in 2020. Your internet connections literally makes or brakes your streaming experience. Having a fast and stable connection is a must.

As Speedify was built with the core ability to combine 2 or more Internet connections at once, the focus has always been on:

Here’s a recent video where we combined 10 Internet connections at once.

Don’t forget! Get a stable and fast Internet connection for your cord cutting experience in 2020! If you can’t get it directly from your ISP, get 2 or more and combine them simultaneously with Speedify! Here’s a guide on how to find additional Internet connections depending on where you are.

As a bonding VPN, Speedify also comes with VPN-grade encryption that protects your online privacy so nobody can spy on you.

Here’s the best advice from the cord cutting guide in 2020: use Speedify to get fast, stable and secure Internet for problem-free streaming!

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