Slow DSL Internet? Get an Extra DSL Line and Combine Them

The Ultimate Guide to Combine Two DSL Lines and Get Faster Internet

If you’re experiencing slow DSL Internet and you don’t have access to any other form of broadband Internet that is faster (cable, fiber), then the easiest way you’re going to get better Internet speeds is by getting another DSL line and combining the two.

Read below our easy step-by-step guide to combine 2 DSL connections on your Windows PC or Mac computer with the help of Speedify, a unique software app that can bond two or more connections together.

Step by Step Guide to Fix Slow DSL Internet by Using Two DSL Lines at the Same Time

If you’re living in remote areas “in the middle of nowhere” (as some might say) or, sadly enough, having no other alternatives to your DSL Internet connection where you’re located, then make the best of it and get another DSL connection to use together with your existing one. It’s very easy to combine them with our Speedify software app.

Depending on how you’re connecting your computer to your current DSL line, you will need the following:

  • A subscription of Speedify, the mobile VPN that combine multiple connections into one super fast and secure pipe. Speedify can be used on both Windows and macOS computers.

  • Depending on how you want to connect to your second DSL Internet line: you may need an extra USB adapter for Ethernet or WiFi.
    • If you’re currently connecting to DSL via Ethernet cable and your second DSL line comes with a WiFi modem/router as well, then you don’t need any extra hardware. You will use the second DSL connection via your built-in WiFi adapter on your laptop.
    • If the second DSL Internet line comes the same type of connection to the computer as the first one (either Ethernet or WiFi), then you need one of those USB adapters, as your computer will most likely not have 2 built-in Ethernet or WiFi cards.

    You can get such USB adapters on Amazon for around $10 a piece. You should look for something similar to one of the adapters pictured below.

7 Steps to Combine Two DSL Lines Simultaneously for Faster Internet

  1. Contact your DSL provider and ask for a second DSL Internet connection. This could take a week or more, depending how soon you can schedule the installation. Upon installation, make sure they test the connection parameters so that you know you’re getting what you’re paying for.

  2. Download and install Speedify on your Windows PC, Linux, or Mac computer. Make sure you purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to be able to combine and securely run all your traffic with Speedify.

  3. If necessary (see requirements above), plug in the USB adapter dongle you acquired in your computer and make sure the drivers are installed by Windows or macOS.
    • When using USB WiFi adapters on macOS computers in particular, you will also need to download a connection manager software app that will allow your operating system to use multiple internet connections at the same time. That connection manager is usually provided by the WiFi network card manufacturer.

  4. Connect to your second DSL Internet connection on your computer for Ethernet or WiFi. Do this either with the built-in adapter or the USB adapter you got.
    • If using Ethernet for your second DSL line, you’re going to connect an Ethernet cable between the DSL modem and your network card.
    • If you’re connecting via WiFi, then search for the WiFi network of the new DSL modem your provider installed and connect to it.

    Always make sure you select the appropriate Ethernet / WiFi card when choosing the network – see below the Windows interface for using 2 DSL connections via WiFi.

    When successful, you should see each of the 2 adapters connected to one network.

  1. Start Speedify and log in using your subscription credentials. Speedify will detect your 2 active DSL Internet connections and show them on the screen.
  1. Choose a server for Speedify to connect to and combine the 2 DSL Internet links. By default, Speedify will connect to the fastest server, but you can choose a specific location as well, if you need to unblock restricted content.
  1. Enjoy faster Internet with Speedify, as it combines 2 DSL Internet connections for their aggregated bandwidth and speed. When both symbols light up in the Speedify interface, that means they’re connected and online, and Speedify is bonding the two.

Try Speedify for yourself!

Speedify is more than just a way to use and manage multiple DSL Internet connections to get faster Internet on your computer. It is also the premier mobile VPN platform. It was designed for speed, so it won’t slow your device down. It will encrypt all of your data. It will protect you from the dangers of using an unsecured public WiFi network.

Speedify is also available for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. You can get Speedify directly from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. With a single subscription you can protect all your devices!

Plus, Speedify is an anonymous no log VPN service, so that you can stay with peace of mind that your data is safe and won’t be sold to other companies for money.

Speedify is not only the easiest way to improve your device’s Internet connectivity, it is also the best way to make your device more secure. Speedify has packed all of this industry-leading technology into one simple app that anyone can use.

What are you waiting for? If you’re experiencing slow DSL Internet, then it’s time to move forward, get another DSL Internet line and combine the two together into a super fast pipe! Get started with Speedify today – no strings attached!

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Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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