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No More Dropped Calls or Fuzzy Video – Finally a Stable Connection for Zoom

Zoom is an essential tool nowadays. With so many new users, it seems we are all using this tool for work and school, as well as staying in touch with family and friends. With such a huge rise in the number of users, Zoom seems to be crumbling under the weight.

There is a quick solution to make sure your Zoom connection is always stable as you rely on your connection now more than ever. Keep reading to find out.


Use all of your Internet connections at once

Whether at home, work, or on-the-go, Speedify is the only VPN that makes your online experiences faster, more reliable and more secure.
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Reliable Internet wherever you go

Whether at home, work, or on-the-go, with Speedify you can use all of your Internet connections at once. You get speed, stability and security for your Internet.

Why is Zoom Unstable?

Zoom meetings are extremely bandwidth-hungry and demand a lot from your Internet connection to work properly. A lot of data is being uploaded and downloaded at the same time. So, when determining why your Zoom connection isn’t stable, you should first look at your Internet connection. It might be that your Internet connection is too slow and doesn’t have enough bandwidth for a video call, or that the connection is spotty and experiencing a lot of “packets loss.” These issues lead to dropped calls, low quality or choppy video and audio.
Now that we know what is causing the issue, let’s talk about solving it.

How To Get a Stable Zoom Connection

There isn’t much you can do to get a stable connection for Zoom except upgrade to a faster internet package if one is available. This could be costly or even impossible, but it’s worth contacting your ISP to check. Luckily, that isn’t the only solution. You could bond two connections into one for better speed and a more reliable connection with Speedify.

Speedify makes Zoom issues related to your Internet connection dissapear. The Speedify app works by monitoring the quality of your Internet connections in the background. It can bond your Wi-Fi and cellular connection simultaneously in a single “pipe” on your mobile device. Or combine any number of connections on a computer.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify uses a technology known as Channel Bonding. This allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, gaming and streaming video can be improved by Speedify.

Streaming traffic is more important nowadays, with all live streaming, remote work and learning happening. Speedify automatically prioritizes audio and video streams and dynamically adjusts to network conditions so you get unstoppable streams.


Improve Your Zoom Connection with Speedify Fast Bonding VPN

Speedify does more than just manage your Internet connections. It is also a fast bonding VPN. It encrypts all of the data you send and receive from your device. This helps keep your private information and conversations secure from digital eavesdroppers and cyber thieves.

Speedify doesn’t just give you a stable connection when using Zoom. It also makes the Zoom app more secure, and improves your overall Internet experience.

Other VPNs slow down your Internet connection. There is no other app that works like Speedify. Only Speedify gives you advanced encryption while also speeding up your Internet connection.

Forget about checking the Zoom outage map. Get a stable connection for your Zoom meetings with Speedify!


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