Enjoy Smoother Path of Exile: Connection, Trading Problems, and Others

Solve Online Gaming Trading Problems for Path of Exile

If there’s something all gamers can agree on, it’s that a solid internet connection is a must. Having a fast and stable internet makes for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. This is valid for downloading offline games updates, or participating in multiplayer online games. A rock-solid connection is always preferred, but this is crucial for players of online games — like Path of Exile (PoE).

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A Link to Wealth for Path of Exile

For the uninitiated, Path of Exile is a top-down dark fantasy, hack-and-slash RPG. The comparison of the game to Diablo is old and annoying. But the similarities between the two are many and obvious.

Aside from certain elements that seem to be “inspired” by Diablo, Path of Exile is nothing like Blizzard’s dungeon crawler. There are many things that set it apart. What makes PoE unique is two-fold:

  • the extensive, passive skill tree that allows all classes to be highly customizable,
  • skill gems that allow all classes to use any active skill.

Another thing that differentiates Path of Exile from Diablo, or any other top-down hack-and-slash RPG, is its lack of fiat currency. Instead, non-player characters and players trade using Orbs. These are PoE currency items that are used to change gear. With items lacking a centralized standard of value, trading can be a peculiar, interesting, and tricky thing. As if that’s not complex enough, there are also times when poor connections make this mechanic even more frustrating. These issues can originate either from a player’s home network or Grinding Gear Games server problems.

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Transactional Breakdown for Path of Exile

There have been many instances of players getting disconnected during PoE Currency trading. It’s not a one-time thing that no longer happens after players try again, but a constant problem that’s been happening for quite some time now. A lot of players have tried various workarounds or band-aid solutions. These include logging in at off-peak hours or conducting trades in less populated areas. None of these are a permanent fix. Plus, situations don’t always allow for these workarounds.

Another connection-related trading problem is some players are unable to run a poe.trade live search for in-game inventory. They always get disconnected. While not part of the game itself, the site is a huge help for a lot of players, as it allows them to track item prices, in turn helping them find fairer trades.

Till now, there haven’t been any cases where disconnections happen mid-trade and items have been lost. However, it’s a very real possibility that would be a huge problem should it occur.

Fighting for a Better Connection for Path of Exile with Speedify

Aside from trading, combat is also a massive pain when connections are poor. In Path of Exile, there could be lots of mobs and special effects at any given instance. A slow internet connection will not be able to load all that at once and at the right time, causing players to either lag or be disconnected.  A poorly-timed lag can mean death. This is an even worse problem in co-op situations. An unreliable connection can spell lots of trouble:

  • Your teammates have different connection speeds and qualities
  • There are many different mobs, effects, and items in the game

In MMORPGs, the life of players revolve around two things: trading and combat. A smooth experience with both means a smooth experience for 80% of your life in that particular game. So if you’re playing that one-of-a-kind dungeon crawler but are struggling with connection woes, try Speedify.

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