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Apple Music Slow for Anyone Else?

Apple Music is one of the newest, and fastest growing, music streaming services. They offer a huge variety of music. But, the slow Apple Music streaming frustrates many people. Music sometimes stops mid-song and is stuck buffering. Other times the music won’t even start, instead you get a network error. The promise of Apple Music is that you can enjoy your favorite songs and albums almost anywhere, but because of buffering issues, it can be hard to enjoy a smooth uninterrupted session.

However, slow Apple Music streaming issues can now be a thing of the past. Keep reading and see a simple solution for your streaming woes.


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Why is Apple Music Slow?

It is easy to blame the Apple Music app for slow streaming. But, the true cause of the problem is trickier. Your iPhone or iPad is the real culprit. By default, iOS devices do not take full advantage of all the bandwidth available to them. Instead, they only use a single Internet connection at a time. They are either connected via Wi-Fi or via mobile data.

This means that data intensive apps, like Apple Music, don’t have enough bandwidth to run smoothly when there are signal fluctuations or when you are moving between Wi-Fi networks. The Apple Music servers are delivering the requested data without an issue, but it is not getting to your device because of a bottleneck created by the way iPhones and iPads connect to the Internet.

3 Steps to Fix Slow Apple Music Streaming

Speedify changes the way your iPhone and iPad devices connect to the Internet. If you want to solve your slow Apple Music streaming problems all you need to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Download Speedify from the AppStore.
  2. Run Speedify.
  3. Leave Speedify running in the background while you enjoy Apple Music.

You don’t need any special technical skills or knowledge. If you can download an app, you can use Speedify.

How Does Speedify Work?

Speedify uses a technology known as Channel Bonding. This allows you to use multiple Internet connections simultaneously for their combined speed and reliability. Everything including uploads, downloads, web browsing, gaming and streaming video can be improved by Speedify.

Streaming traffic is more important nowadays, with all live streaming, remote work and learning happening. Speedify automatically prioritizes audio and video streams and dynamically adjusts to network conditions so you get unstoppable streams.


Speedify Fixes Slow Apple Streaming on Your iPhone and iPad

Speedify works by changing the way your iOS device connects to the Internet. Instead of just using one connection at a time, Speedify allows your device to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and mobile data at the same time. This increases your bandwidth and eliminates the bottleneck.

Speedify also carefully monitors the quality of your connections. If it detects a connection is becoming unstable or unreliable, it reroutes all the data through the remaining connection. This auto failover happens without you having to do anything.

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN service. It was engineered to be fast, secure, and reliable. The app encrypts your data, keeps you safe from hackers and snoops, and delivers a fast internet experience.

The app also uses smart technology that allows it to not impact your battery life. It also knows to route as much data as possible over Wi-Fi, instead of a more expensive mobile data connection.

If you want to solve your slow Apple Music issues forever, and also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your personal data is protected, you need the Speedify app.

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