How to Get the Best Internet Connection for Day Trading

Internet Speed, Reliability and Online Security – Critical for Day Trading

If you’re a day trader and are wondering what type of Internet connection for day trading you need to achieve best results, you probably know the answer already. The connection you’re using has to be:

  • Fast – you don’t want to miss out on opportunities that come up for just seconds because of a slow Internet connection.
  • Reliable – if you’re day trading while on the bus, train or just walking down the street, you need to be always connected.
  • Secure – don’t let anybody eavesdrop on your activity, especially on public WiFi hotspots you may be using through the city.

Read below to see the how to get the best Internet conection for day trading, whether you’re doing this from home, from work or while on the move.

What is the Minimum Internet Connection Speed Required for Day Trading?

Some articles on the Internet and also this Quora thread state that a 1 Mbps connection is good enough to do day trading. While that might be true, it’s the connection reliability that is more important in day trading.

If the Internet connection disconnects (and it will at some point – ISP maintenance, bad WiFi hotspots, etc.), you have to be sure that your day trading efforts will be covered by something like a backup connection. Most important: you have to be sure you’re always online when day trading.

Day Trading On-the-Go? Be Careful About Your Data’s Online Security

You wouldn’t want anybody to fiddle around your day trading platform(s) and ruin everything in just seconds or lock you out of your account(s), would you? Or “sniff” your sensitive data when investing on platforms such as the stock market, Forex, etc?

That’s why when deciding on your Internet connection for day trading it’s important to connect through a secure Internet link whenever you’re day trading. And, basically, in any situation, for that matter, on all your devices – computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Combine Multiple Internet Connections and Secure Your Online Day Trading Activity with Speedify

Speedify is a next generation fast mobile VPN service that also works to combine multiple internet connections to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more secure Internet experience for your day trading activities.

Speedify can be downloaded for free on Windows and macOS computers, iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

After you install Speedify, you need to make sure you activate / connect to all the available Internet connections – usually WiFi, Ethernet and Cellular (via USB dongle) for laptops; WiFi and mobile data connection for mobile devices.

Finally – open the Speedify app. Speedify will automatically combine the two different connections into a single fast pipe. You will enjoy a lightning fast Internet experience like you have never seen before.

Don’t Compromise Speed for Security – Get Both with Speedify: Best Internet for Day Trading

Speedify doesn’t just get you a fast and reliable Internet connection when day trading. Speedify is the only true mobile VPN available. It protects you from compromised wifi networks and snooping hackers. It uses real military-grade encryption to make sure your private data stays under your control. And, of course, Speedify keeps no logs of any activity!

Before Speedify, users often had to choose between security and speed. Because Speedify was designed with speed and reliability as one of its primary goals, you no longer have to sacrifice speed for security. You can have all 3 of them to get the best Internet connection for day trading.

Are you into day trading? Get the best results with a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection! Get started with Speedify today – the best solution for your day trading Internet link!

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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