Throttling Schmottling – Use Speedify to Beat Those Speed Bumps

What Is Throttling? Why You Need to Learn How to Beat Throttling

You might have noticed that your internet speeds go down when you use some particular service or visit a specific website. For example, when you stream videos on Twitch or YouTube, you mostly get reduced speeds.

This is because your ISP throttles or chokes your bandwidth for certain activities. This might be because they provide a “fast lane” to some services while putting their competitors in the slower one.

It might be considered an invasion of privacy, but it’s completely legal. Without net neutrality, ISPs are free to do whatever they want. While ISPs often say that they throttle connections to ease network congestion, they somehow throttle only specific services or websites.

No matter which country you live in or which ISP you use, you probably experienced throttling at some point.

How to Know You’re Being Throttled Without Using a Tool

You’re using the internet and the speeds are just fine. You open a website and it’s really slow to load. You wonder if the website is down. You check it on your mobile connection and it works perfectly. Chances are that you’re being throttled.

You can follow these steps to see if you’re being throttled.

Guide to How to Beat Throttling

ISPs are going to throttle your bandwidth, whether you like it or not. And there’s no point in calling and complaining either. While there is no direct approach to beat throttling, you can do something to get the best speeds even when your ISP tries to monitor you.

Use a VPN

When you use a VPN, your data is encrypted so your ISP cannot see what you’re doing. And they cannot throttle your speeds if they don’t know which services or websites you’re using. In theory, a VPN can increase your speeds for the websites or services you are being throttled.

However, a VPN encrypts your connection and reroutes your traffic through one of their servers. This takes additional steps and slows down your connection. In fact, the drop in speeds might be more than the boost you’d get by beating throttling, making the net result slower than what you would expect.

Use channel bonding

To make sure you don’t see a drop in speeds, you can use an additional tool for channel bonding. A channel bonding app is a software that combines multiple internet connections at once so you can get better speeds.

Use a Bonding VPN to Beat Throttling from Your ISP

Instead of paying for two different services and running two different apps, you can use a service that does both: encrypting your traffic and combining multiple connections.

Speedify is such a tool – a bonding VPN. With Speedify, your ISP won’t be able to see what you’re doing, which means they won’t be able to throttle your traffic. And since it can use multiple Internet connections at once, it can increase your speeds. You’ll see much better results when you visit a throttled website with Speedify.

So you only have one connection – would Speedify bonding VPN help in this case?

Speedify works even when you have just one connection. It detects lost packets and resends them before they affect your internet speeds. This goes on automatically in the background and you don’t have to do anything to activate it. So, to answer the question – yes, Speedify does more than a regular VPN if you’re using just one connection as well.

Stop ISP Throttling with Speedify Bonding VPN

Throttling adds annoyance to your internet experience. There’s no point in bearing with it when you can use something as simple as Speedify bonding VPN.

There are over 50 locations all over the world and you can connect to any of them. The speed servers help you encrypt and combine the traffic from your multiple connections while staying anonymous online.

With Speedify, you get several benefits packed together in one app. It’s the best solution to beat throttling. Once you try Speedify, you won’t go to any others – and it’s not us that’s saying this, but our users.

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