How to Livestream Your Workout Session with Best Stream Quality

Working Out at Home

Many of us have been using teleconferencing apps like Zoom to stay on track with our workouts. Aerobic bootcamps, yoga, even children's strength training classes! Everything is being held all over the globe to help keep us active and fit. We at Connectify are having our bi-weekly virtual workout. It’s helped with physical needs and office morale. This is all great, but if you are all set up for that 60-minute session, the least that you want is your streams to freeze or disconnect. This takes away the key part of working out.

Sure, you have the latest version of Zoom and doubtful it’s your iPhone, Android or laptop.  More than likely it’s the internet connection causing these issues. Don’t toss in that workout towel, this is an easy fix and you’ll be up and running in that 5k in no time! 

So - how can you easily live stream your workout services without running into stuttering, buffering or even disconnects? Here’s what you can read about below.

Trainers Equipment

Instructors, you might have the best of the best with audio / video equipment for streaming and the software to go with that - multiple cameras, effects, etc. Congratulations - you’ll be able to create great videos to be distributed on DVDs, Blu-ray discs or other offline media. If you want to step up to live streaming workout services, it’s a whole other story.

The thing you need most is a reliable and fast Internet connection. Whether you’re using a tripod with a GoPro or a smartphone mounted on it over by the row of treadmills. The quality of the live stream all boils down to the quality of your Internet connectivity.

So - assuming you’ve got the equipment - how do you get the Internet to go with that?

Ensure Your Internet is at its Best

As most of us know, having an Internet connection does not mean we always have trouble-free internet access. Disruptive things can happen:

One solution that comes naturally to mind is having a backup connection. Which is better than nothing. But think about this: what if the issues happen during a live streaming session? How long does it take for your camera, phone, or computer to switch from one connection to the other? How will that affect your transmission? Will you get dropped from the streaming servers for inactivity?

There’s a simple answer to all of this: using all the connections (at least two) simultaneously! That is called channel bonding, and it’s something that the Speedify app for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux can do.

Provide Higher Quality Streams with Speedify

There you have it – one of the best Zoom streaming tricks for you is to use Speedify. Speedify’s Streaming Mode makes a huge difference to your Zoom workouts.

To put it in context, here’s what happens under the hood of Streaming Mode. Speedify monitors statistics in real-time about how each of your Internet connections is performing. As connections change, and other apps start or stop sending data, Speedify adjusts its strategies on the fly. So, now you’re not chained to a chair near your Wi-Fi router, hoping to get a good signal, while on Zoom calls. You can walk around and even leave the house without dropping the call. You don’t need to worry about it. Just make your Zoom workout session: if there’s any way to get it through, Speedify will make it happen.

To learn more about Streaming Mode and how to enable it, check out the Speedify Knowledge Base article.

Zoom Workout Tricks: update to the latest Speedify version and switch to Streaming Mode if you’re tired of connectivity issues in Zoom workout sessions!

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