How to Make Sure Starlink Is Working Flawlessly for You

Cristian MiculiFix Slow Internet, How To Starlink Speeds Are Sometimes a Vast Improvement, Sometimes Not A recent article on Starlink performance data in the US and Canada for Q1 2021 shows large variances when it comes to speed and latency. And that is to be expected, since the Starlink program is still in beta phase. When it comes to performance vs. other providers, Starlink is … Read More

How to Get Fanduel and MLB, Apple Pie and Baseball, With Easy Steps!

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It’s Crucial to have a Stable Internet Connection When Watching Livestreams We are greatly anticipating this return of America’s favorite pastime this spring after last season’s demise. Everyone has high expectations of more and more attendees as the season progresses, let’s keep that faith! As well, you have your wagers ready to go for another season of sports gambling. You … Read More

How to Connect to McDonald’s Free WiFi While Improving your Online Security and Internet Stability

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Always Keep Your Guards Up Especially When You’re Using a Public Internet Connection Over 25 million have been served daily by McDonalds. Now figure how many have taken advantage of the Free Wi-Fi they offer. People use to to be in touch with work or school or their personal social media accounts while there. McDonald’s offers this MickD, Mikey Dee’s, … Read More

What to Do When March Madness Bracket App Isn’t Working With Easy Steps

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The NCAA March Madness Live App Doesn’t Have to Crash on You! Talk of the town right now, with Selection Sunday looming closer and our first Tournament Challenge since last years was cancelled. All things looking good here, you have the old gang together again for the challenge of the year. Who will take this year’s nets and clip them … Read More

How to Solve Starbucks WiFi Landing Page Not Loading Issues Easily

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Sometimes, Public Wi-Fi Connection is Not Always the Best Picture it, it was 2010 and just announced that Starbucks would offer free Wi-Fi to all US Stores. You remember this, wasn’t that just yesterday? Fast forward, we are moving onto another decade and Starbucks Wi-Fi is still a pivotal part of most of our days, not just giving us a … Read More

[VIDEO] How to Avoid and Fix Telehealth Internet Issues

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Getting Flawless Telemedicine – Internet Reliability Is Key Telehealth using technology has been around since the 19th century, along with the invention of the telephone. Modern telehealth, using Internet and streaming video started in the mid 2000s. Since 2020, 15 years after that, we saw a boom in telemedicine services. As remote consultations are done via the Internet through video … Read More