Fix iMac Internet Slow Issues. Get Fast and Stable Connectivity

Cristian MiculiFix Slow Internet, How To

Why Is My iMac so Slow? iMac slow internet issues are not uncommon, as with any other device for that matter. You can have the latest 27-inch top-of-the-line iMac for more than $2,000, but that doesn’t influence your Internet connectivity. And this can make or break your experience in today’s always connected world. The most common cause for slow iMac … Read More

New Apple M1 Chip MacBook Is Out. How Does Speedify Perform?

Alex GizisFix Slow Internet, News

First Impression: Blown Away by the New Apple M1 Chip on ARM Architecture It’s been one day since the new MacBook Air with the ARM based M1 processor chip arrived, and we are blown away. Since Apple first announced its transition from Intel’s x86-64 to its own designed chips using the ARM64 architecture, we’ve been making sure our apps will … Read More