[TEST] iPhone Overheating when Live Streaming – Solutions

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Why Do iPhones Overheat when Live Streaming?The operating temperatures and the temperature management are very important aspects of any modern device, whether we’re talking about mobile devices, appliances or cars. They can greatly influence the way the device performs, as well as its lifespan. When it comes to iPhones (and other mobile devices, for that matter), there are two things … Read More

IRL Stream Setup – Gear You Need for High Quality Streaming

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Twitch Mobile Stream Setup – What You Need for Your IRL StreamingWhen you’re streaming IRL on Twitch (or on any other platform), it’s essential to have a good video quality. Your viewers shouldn’t have to deal with choppy videos, buffering screens or even disconnects when watching your IRL stream. Assuming you don’t get limited by the IRL stream setup hardware you’re using, … Read More

How to Get Fanduel and MLB, Apple Pie and Baseball, With Easy Steps!

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It’s Crucial to have a Stable Internet Connection When Watching LivestreamsWe are greatly anticipating this return of America’s favorite pastime this spring after last season’s demise. Everyone has high expectations of more and more attendees as the season progresses, let’s keep that faith! As well, you have your wagers ready to go for another season of sports gambling. You checked … Read More

How to Prevent and Fix Virtual Conference Internet Issues Easily

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You Never Want to Have a Single Virtual Conference Internet IssueHere we are; offices are virtual, general meetings, annual reviews, sales conferences, break out rooms with your counterparts about a project. We have all been there. Looks like we are here to stay awhile, and we adjusted pretty well to becoming a remote society. So even after the pandemic is … Read More

Make Your Streaming Holidays Happy with Speedify. Love, Santa!

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Avoid Holiday Grinches like Buffering and DisconnectingIt’s Holidays time and everybody will be doing some sort of streaming, whether it’s: calling their loved ones on Zoom, Google Meet, etc. binge watching your favorite movies and TV series live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, etc. Make these holidays truly happy by getting the best streaming and avoiding any streamergency such as low … Read More

Having GGPoker Lagging Issues? Here’s a Step-By-Step Fix!

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2020 Has Been Dominated By Online Poker GamesGGPoker, a great game for wagers, but also a pleasant way to enjoy the company of others safely and securely in these times.  Online poker has been on the upswing for a while now, and GGPoker is among the top sites.  People just enjoy playing from the comfort of home online casino game. This … Read More