How to Get a Fast and Reliable Starlink Internet Connection

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What Is Starlink? What You Have to Know There are very few people in today’s world who haven’t heard of Elon Musk. One of the charismatic entrepreneur’s companies is called Starlink – a division of his SpaceX enterprise. The goal of Starlink is to create a constellation of low orbiting satellites to cover the Earth and provide Internet services. So, … Read More

How to Avoid Starlink Connection Issues

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Starlink Outage or Service Down? If you never heard of Starlink or SpaceX, welcome to the 2020s! This constellation made out of thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth works in conjunction with ground transceivers to offer broadband Internet in remote areas especially. As with any Internet connection, Starlink is also prone to issues such as slow speeds and disconnects. … Read More

Don’t Miss the ESPN March Madness Because of Internet Issues

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Network Connection Issues for Your ESPN March Madness App? Talk of the town right now, with Selection Sunday looming closer and our first Tournament Challenge since last years was cancelled.  All things looking good here, you have the old gang together again for the challenge of the year. Who will take this year’s nets and clip them in jubilation as … Read More

How to Prevent and Fix Virtual Conference Internet Issues Easily

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You Never Want to Have a Single Virtual Conference Internet Issue Here we are; offices are virtual, general meetings, annual reviews, sales conferences, break out rooms with your counterparts about a project. We have all been there. Looks like we are here to stay awhile, and we adjusted pretty well to becoming a remote society. So even after the pandemic … Read More

Why Does My Mac Keep Disconnecting from Wi-Fi?

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How to Make Sure You Stay Online when Your Mac Disconnects from Wi-Fi Why is my Mac dropping me on Wi-Fi, AGAIN?!  A slow and unstable connection can cause this and it’s usually at the worst possible time.  Did you have a work meeting with your supervisor to go over urgent matters?  Was there a school lecture that is pivotal … Read More

The Ultimate Virtual Conference Connectivity Checklist

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Your Virtual Conference Speakers and Atendees Need the Best Internet Connectivity Virtual Conferences are here to stay.  Sure, they have been around for a while, but were made mainstream since 2020 in all walks of life.  It’s a time saver too – even as we get back into commuting to work or school, this will be an easier way to … Read More