More About Our Speed Servers

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By now, you probably know that Speedify is the only real solution for speeding up your Internet. Part of our secret sauce is a global network of Speed Servers that help users spread Internet traffic across their various WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired connections. The server component of Speedify even lets users accelerate HD video, uploads, and other single-stream activities. That’s … Read More

Latest News from Speedify

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We’re seeing more and more users signing up for Speedify with each passing day since our launch earlier this year. It’s awesome to know that faster and more reliable Internet is a priority for you, and that like us, you want to be able to combine all the bandwidth that you’re already paying for. But, we’re just getting started here. … Read More

Thanks for Helping Spread the Word About Speedify

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Before launching Speedify earlier this month, we asked you to help us spread the word about our awesome new cloud service that combines WiFi, DSL, 3G/4G, and other Internet connections for faster speeds and increased reliability. We were excited to see you come out in droves to support by tweeting, sharing on Facebook, and posting on Google+. Thousands of users … Read More

Want Faster Internet Speed Tests? Try this

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Knowing the speed of your Internet connections is increasingly important as daily activities like video and music streaming require more and more bandwidth. Popular Internet speed test sites like give users a snapshot of actual upload and download speeds at the click-of-a-button. Doing a speed test lets you know whether your Internet connection can sustain bandwidth-heavy tasks like video … Read More

3 Ways to Get Social with Speedify

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If you’re anything like us, social media is simply a part of your day-to-day life. How else would you get your daily dose of cats playing piano and riveting recaps of last night’s TV? Here at Speedify we also use social media to interact with our users, announce product news and updates, and much more. Here are three easy ways … Read More