How One Business Traveler Gets Faster Internet

Every Speedify user knows that our team is committed to getting feedback from customers once they’ve had a chance to take our channel bonding service for a test-drive. Of course, we want to make sure that folks are up-and-running without any issues, but it’s equally important for us to reach out to Speedify users so we can get to know the specific circumstances that brought them to our product. Surprisingly, our “Why Did You Sign Up?” email has been one of our most successful campaigns, bringing in a ton of qualitative marketing data on “decision triggers” while creating a relationship between the customer and our team.

With so much great information coming through the pipeline, we’ve decided to launch a monthly user spotlight column here at the Speedify blog.

The Road Warrior

A few days ago, we got some awesome feedback from Justin, a business traveler in the UK. In his email, he explains exactly what brought him to Speedify and how it’s improved his life on the road:


Sure, it feels great to get some affirmation that our product is helping people in their day-to-day lives, but we’re not just looking for a pat on the back. This kind of user feedback really helps our team understand exactly who needs our product most, and how to best get it into their hands.

There are probably millions of other “Justins” out there who haven’t yet gotten hip to Speedify, and it’s our job to make sure that they do. Maybe you spend a lot of time traveling too, and you’re just learning about how Speedify can be a lifesaver at home and on-the-go. In that case, we want you to hurry over and download Speedify, so you can see first-hand what Justin is talking about.


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