[GUIDE] How to Stream IRL from iPhone

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How We Stream IRL on Speedify LiveDuring December 2021, Speedify Live engaged in a series of IRL live streams from the Philadelphia area. We hope we managed to bring a bit of the holiday spirit directly into your home via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other platforms we stream Speedify Live. We needed a simple setup that could serve … Read More

It’s December: Enjoy the Holiday Light Shows

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We’re Live Streaming IRL from the Miracle on South 13th Street in PhillyDecember is the month of holidays, regardless of your faith or beliefs. Everybody is getting into the holiday spirit – clothes, houses, streets, etc. One thing that has been gaining a lot of popularity during the last years is working with your community to get your street or … Read More

The Mission: Livestream from inside Dracula’s Castle

Scott AckermanEnjoy Better Streaming, Speedify Live

Here’s the gear and software we’re going to use to explore the ancient castle, live in front of an internet audience.What are we doing? Since it’s Halloween season, what better way to celebrate this than visiting a centuries old vampire’s fortress in the mountains? That’s right – on Thursday, October 28, 2021, starting 11:20 am EDT / 15:20 GMT we’re … Read More

Speaking at a Virtual Event – How Live Streaming Can Help Your Business

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My Experience as a Speaker at the Leap Into Live Streaming Bootcamp 2021 Online EventOne of the things I missed since the pandemic disruption was attending events. Prior to the pandemic, thousands of people would flock to Las Vegas for CES or to MWC in Barcelona. Now, in the new normal, virtual events are going to get a higher share … Read More

Is Melon the Best Livestreaming App? Find Out on Speedify Live

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Browser-Based Livestreaming Tool – Everyone’s InvitedMelon is a livestreaming app you can use from within your browser, on any operating system. Its role is to be the go-to solution for going live in seconds. And best of all – you can get started for free! Mike Shields, Community Manager for Melon, joined us in a Speedify Live stream to talk … Read More

Meet Livepeer – Pioneers of Decentralized Streaming

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Ethereum Blockchain, LPT Tokens and Open Video Infrastructure – Reinventing the Future of Live StreamingDoug Petkanics, CEO of Livepeer, was our guest at Speedify Live, where we spoke about how the open video infrastructure they are building is becoming the future of livestreaming. Livepeer is a decentralized video streaming network built on the Ethereum blockchain. In layman’s terms, this means … Read More