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How StreamDad went from Streaming Games to IRL Farming | Speedify LIVE

June 14, 2022 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT

Building a Community by Live Streaming Out of Passion

On the 92nd episode of Speedify LIVE we’re joined by variety streamer and Twitch Partner, StreamDad, who began primarily streaming Dead By Daylight, but is now doing everything from a variety of games to running a 24/7 IRL farm stream.

We chat about everything from the ins and outs of farming, to the challenges of Family Friendly streaming, to the importance of creating a community with your streams.  

Here are our 5 takeaways from our talk with StreamDad:

  1. When it comes to streaming challenges running a 24/7 stream, there’s bound to be a few. For StreamDad, it’s mostly been smaller things like software crashes here and there, but the bigger thing was getting around the metal bars of the greenhouses bouncing off the wireless signal. Due to this, he had to set up everything through ethernet, now using POE (power over ethernet) cameras for the 24/7 streams.   
  2. On the 24/7 IRL Farm Stream, StreamDad uses a variety of cameras viewers can switch between with Twitch Chat commands: he runs pre-recorded drone footage from two DJI drones, a Mavic Mini and a Mini 2; as well as a number of POE cameras from Amcrest and HIKvision for the live footage of the greenhouses. 
  3. While Dead by Daylight may not seem like the most family friendly of games, StreamDad’s streams are as family friendly as it gets! He says he doesn’t have a hard time keeping it PG, however it can pose a challenge in the streams’ success due to this category falling into a smaller community within the streaming space. 
  4. StreamDad’s advice for potential streamers: just do it, do it because you enjoy it, and don’t quit your day job right away! You shouldn’t go in with high expectations for views or earnings, but just do it because you like doing it.
  5. Many people use Closed Captions on their streams to help viewers who are hard of hearing, but StreamDad does it in a way that most do not! He uses Web Captioner on his streams, instead of Twitch Extensions, because this way the captions will permanently stay on the video even after the stream is done.
Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing, whether you got someone watching you or not. Someone will come and watch you, someone will get there eventually. A community makes or breaks your stream, and it’s important.
Join us LIVE with variety streamer StreamDad, who began on Twitch as a game streamer primarily playing Dead By Daylight and is now doing everything from games streaming to running a 24/7 farm IRL stream.

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June 14, 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EDT