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Speedify LIVE IRL: Exploring What’s New at the #NABShow

April 25, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 7:00 pm EDT

IRL Live Streaming Tour of NAB Show 2022

This episode of Speedify Live is our final special edition at the NAB show, where we visit as many booths as we can, and check out as many new products as possible!

We check out the B&H booth along with its vendor village, showcasing a number of brands like DJI; we check out some interesting lighting and acoustics solutions, learn more about how NDI works, and many more!

Here are our 5 takeaways from our tour of the 2022 NAB Show:

  1. B&H is at NAB for the 29th time, expanding their footprint at the show. They have a demo stage, a dedicated audio area, a camera lineup showcasing different brand cameras and lenses so visitors can compare them in action; they also have drones and a dedicated studio department for companies and film studios with custom builds and more high-end products.   
  2. DJI’s new big product is the Ronin 4D, now with 4-axis stabilization! This new gimbal allows for smoother footage that’s been successfully used by ski jumpers and people doing parkour, still providing a smooth, stable footage the entire time. 
  3. DJI also introduces its new on-the-go wireless microphone set, with up to 250 meters of wireless transmission, and 14 hours of storage on each of its transmitters. It allows for integration with Android and iOS, using the native camera app automatically, providing an elevated quality out of the box. 
  4. BirdDog provides NDI solutions, which provides for audio, video, and metadata control over one Ethernet cable, simplifying the environment and infrastructure used for broadcasts. Their big products this year are the Core 7 and Core 5, with 7 and 5 inch screens respectively, available to be mounted on your camera for the comfort of monitoring.
  5. Speedify Live is constantly working on improving stream quality, and we’ve learned a lot from the IRL streams at NAB! In our first couple streams we had video and audio issues because while our Livestream test only said we could do 720P, we had set our output to 1080P. For our last stream of the day, however, we switched this setting, so the stream became a lot smoother.
Good video has a lot to do with good audio. So we spent a lot of time and a lot of energy kind of getting this all set up this year to really complete that full picture.
Dana | B&H
Let’s go on an IRL field trip to the NABShow in Las Vegas, Nevada where all the latest technology in broadcasting & livestreaming is going to be showcased! We’ll be walking all around the conference with a Speedify-powered IRL rig to bring the experience to you.

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April 25, 2022
9:00 am - 7:00 pm EDT