FaceTime Group Video Call Not Working? Here are 3 Steps to Fix That!

Tired of FaceTime Group Video Call Not Working? FaceTime is the ultimate video calls app for iPhone, very versatile, that helps you get in touch with your friends and business partners. Originally allowing just one-to-one video calls, starting with iOS 12, Apple confirmed preexisting rumors and introduced group video calls to FaceTime. Up to 32 people will be able to chat … Read More

FaceTime Keeps Dropping Calls? Easy Fix Now Available!

What to Do When FaceTime Loses Connection on CallsIf you have an iPhone or an iPad you’ve definitely had some “FaceTime” with your family or friends. It is a very good service used for video chat. But sometimes FaceTime loses connection, you’ll see the app dropping the Wi-Fi connection or connecting and failing at that. It’s not only you that … Read More

How to Fix Slow Facetime Calls and Choppy, Jerky Video

Is Apple Facetime slow even on your fast home wifi internet connection?Facetime is supposed to help us stay connected with family and friends, and even work with business partners all over the world. But, if you have ever suffered through a slow, laggy Facetime connection, you know that sometimes the technology doesn’t seem to live up to the promises. It … Read More