Avoid Mixer Stream Not Loading: Use Speedify

Why is Mixer a Good Live Streaming Platform?Mixer is a video game live streaming platform owned by Microsoft. According to StreamElements, Mixer had a 149% increase in streaming hours watched in 2019 as compared to 2018 – 353,777,685 hours to be exact. Mixer uses a low-latency streaming protocol known as FTL – Faster Than Light. The service states this protocol only creates delays … Read More

Fix Zoom Connection Issues for Good with Speedify

Zoom Connection ProblemsZoom is currently the most downloaded free app in Apple’s App Store. According to data gathered by Learnbonds.com, downloads for Zoom increased by 1,270% between February 22. and March 22. But with that came Zoom connection issues. Zoom is our way of communication for work, school and with family. It is almost unbelievable how all generations rely on this … Read More

How to Bypass Blocked Youtube and Fix Lagging Issue

Unblock Youtube When Restricted and Fix Laggy YouTube If your company policy restricts the use of YouTube at work or if you can’t watch specific YouTube videos because of country restrictions, then you have to act in order to access the second biggest search engine in the world. Many offices and schools seem eager to limit access to this incredible … Read More