The Ultimate Guide to Network Bonding on Mac

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Link Aggregation on macOS Done Easy Mac computers are indeed a piece of cool engineering. It was made to be light, sleek, and modern. No wonder that the number of those who use it increases! In just 3 months of 2018 (July to September), 5.3 million Mac computers were sold worldwide! What can topple this beauty you ask? Internet speed. … Read More

How to Set Up Link Aggregation on PC for Any Connection Types

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What Is Link Aggregation and How Does It Benefit Your Network? In a nutshell, link aggregation on PC (or trunking), is a method of combining two or more physical Internet links into a single logical link. The most popular association people make with link aggregation on PC is NIC teaming – combining 2 wired Ethernet connections. So if two 1 … Read More

Link Aggregation Router vs. Software Link Aggregation

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Advantages of a Link Aggregation Router If you’re a die-hard gamer or a torrent user, you might have heard about link aggregation routers. They combine several wired connections to offer one single connection with better speeds. With this device, you can get a connection with 1-10 Gbps speed, depending on the networks you plug into it. It combines multiple Ethernet … Read More

Link Aggregation Made Easy: Software for Best Results

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Link Aggregation Switch? No Need for One – Just Use Software! In computer networking context, link aggregation refers to combining (aggregating) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: increases throughput to near the combined value of the connections being combined, and provides redundancy in case some of the links fail. A typical link aggregation implementation … Read More

Cellular Bonding Software: Just Do It Wherever You Like

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Cellular Bonding on Your Phone or Laptop with Speedify Software Channel bonding no longer requires heavy, expensive equipment, or even a desktop computer. Speedify is a cellular bonding software that gives the superior performance on any iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. It makes it easier for road warriors to get the most out of their mobile devices for work … Read More

Software Alternative to Peplink and Mushroom Networks for VPN and Network Bonding

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Connection bonding software as an alternative to hardware routers from Peplink and Mushroom Networks If the internet is the lifeblood of your business or project, having a single web connection just isn’t enough. Many organizations assume that their only option is to get a channel bonding router. But, this hardware fix may not be the best solution to your problem. … Read More