How to Combine Multiple Internet Connections

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Combining Multiple Internet Connections the Easy Way with SpeedifyDo you have two or more Internet connections available from different ISPs? Then you can combine them into one super fast pipe. Best of all – you can combine multiple Internet connections without any extra router hardware or being tech savvy! With Speedify, the only VPN on the market for combining multiple Internet … Read More

How to Encrypt VoIP Calls and Increase VOIP Security Without Slowing your Connection

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Protect your Voice and Encrypt Your VoIP Calls with Speedify VoIP gives you the power to conduct business anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone systems. But, how secure is your VoIP? If you are not using a secure connection you could be leaving yourself open to unauthorized surveillance, hacking, and other cyber threats.Is … Read More

Enjoy Real Time Conversations on HipChat

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Stay Hip with a Faster Connection Today, instant messaging apps like HipChat have become a lifeline for folks staying in touch across the globe. For many users with HipChat installed on their iOS or Android device, instant messaging and chat has come to replace email and text message as a preferred mode of interaction online. Instant delivery and mobile notifications … Read More

Solution to Slow Facebook Messenger

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Call or Send a GIF, Photo or Video without Spotty ConnectivityChat apps like Facebook Messenger have become a lifeline for folks staying in touch with friends, family, and colleagues around the world. For many people with Facebook Messenger installed on their iOS or Android device, text messaging and email has been replaced by instant messaging and online chat rooms, as well as … Read More