Build a Cheap IRL Streaming Setup for Professional Quality

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IRL Live Streaming Guide – Gear and SetupWho hasn’t tried or at least heard of IRL live streaming? It’s a trending thing on Twitch and YouTube. When you’re looking for the cheapest IRL streaming setup, all that you need is a smartphone and the streaming app. However, that might not offer the best quality for your viewers. So, if you … Read More

[GUIDE] No Internet Connection: How to Fix and Troubleshoot

No Internet Connection? See How You Can Get Reliable Connectivity so You Don’t Get into This SituationWhether you have Wi-Fi connected but no Internet or you’re wired through Ethernet to your home router, having no Internet connection is something you have to fix. Moreover, you should never get into this situation, especially if you’re working from home, live streaming or … Read More

Improving Starlink Internet Reliability – What Users Do

The Problem with Starlink Internet: Reliability Is “Better Than Nothing”So you’re using (or thinking of getting) Starlink Internet – congratulations, you’re one of the pioneers of the new age of satellite Internet. With up to 500 Mbps download speed, 53 Mbps upload (source) and 48 ms latency (source), Starlink Internet is definitely much better than what you can get now … Read More

How to Avoid Among Us Server Problems and Enjoy the Game

Among Us Server Issues – Is It Down or Is It You?This indie game has been growing in popularity ever since mid 2020. Many say the pandemic determined this surge of popularity, as it allowed for socialization despite social distancing. However, more realistic reasons for Among Us popularity include the low cost, very basic requirements and crossplay between different platforms. In … Read More

How to Fix Connectivity Problems with Online Classes

Six Ways to Perfect Your Live Video ClassAs it turns out, the next normal continues to keep everyone socially distanced in small groups. Online learning has become more essential than ever for both students and people who need to improve their knowledge, skills or health. The broader educational system may slowly return to normal, but learning digitally is here to … Read More

The Ultimate Streaming Setup for Twitch for No Internet Issues

How to Broadcast on Twitch Hassle-Free Have you ever watched someone play games online and live steaming their game on Twitch? Nothing beats the feeling of watching your favorite gamer confront others real time! You can do that too. You can play with your best buds online or even with your favorite gamer in real time! And stream it on … Read More