How to Fix VPN Disconnect Issues

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My VPN Disconnects Frequently. What Should I Do? Businesses and individuals are increasingly taking Internet security much more seriously. This means more people are using VPNs on their desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. These services provide protection against surveillance and other cyber threats. But, VPNs don’t work if you get disconnected. Virtually all VPNs already slow down your Internet connection, … Read More

Are Free VPNs Safe and Trustworthy? What to Look at When Choosing

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There has been a lot of news coverage around the rollback of certain Internet privacy regulations in the US. Not a long while ago, the US Congress voted to allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to monitor and sell the data about the online activity of their customers. So, from this point on, if you don’t want any third parties to have access to what you do online, your best option is to start using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Best Skype VPN for Fast and Secure VoIP Calls

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Improve Call Quality and Reduce Lag with the Best Skype VPN Skype has been one of the greatest innovations of the Internet era. It has completely transformed the way we do business and the way we talk to family and friends across the globe. But, using Skype can be frustrating at times. The video or audio will lag and you … Read More

The Best Snapchat VPN for Fast and Reliable Sharing

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Stay in control of your Stories with a Secure and fast VPN for Snapchat The Internet can be a dangerous place. For most people the best way to protect yourself from some of the most dangerous online threats is to use a VPN. But, most VPNs have a big downside—they slow down your web connection. If you are using an … Read More

How to Use a Secure VPN for Safe Online Banking

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Are VPNs Safe for Online Banking? Almost a third of all adults use their phones to access some banking services. Over half of all adults use online banking. More and more people are using the Internet to access a variety of different financial accounts and services, including everything from standard checking accounts to PayPal to stock investing. But, how secure … Read More