How to Bypass the Regional Filter on YouTube

Have you ever read about a great YouTube video only to click the link and get a message that the video is not available in your country? It’s extremely frustrating. YouTube uses regional filters that block certain videos from being played in certain countries. But, you can now easily get around these regional YouTube filters in three easy steps. Read … Read More

How to fix slow Youtube loading and video buffering

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How To Unblock Youtube At School, College, or Work on Any Device

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Enjoy Uninterrupted Streaming on Youtube

Increasingly, streaming video is becoming the major form of online media that we consume on the Internet. Recent stats show that a whopping 70% of North American Internet traffic in peak hours comes from streaming video. Even still, millions of folks around the world still suffer from slow and unreliable connection to stream videos on YouTube. We’ve all experienced it: … Read More

Are you Streaming in HD on YouTube?

We’ve all experienced it: you’re streaming a movie online and the picture quality dwindles down from HD into a grainy mess, before ramping back up to a high-quality stream again. Turns out, Youtube automatically adjusts their video quality to the speed of your Internet connection. This is good because it can keep your video streaming even if your Internet becomes … Read More