Streaming your Live Events on YouTube

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Planning for a wedding, party or other event or are you a Guest at one? Want the ability to share it with other interested people or followers? YouTube is a simple way to achieve this. Live stream your events and have playback ability for later too!

Basic Things to Have for Live Streaming

You can achieve this with the bare minimum. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or even a computer. A strong internet connection is vital when live streaming. Remember to be sure to check this in advance of the main event, the all important dry run. Definitely, have a Tripod for a stable shot during the action as well. You could use more than one camera to get different views so those afar can really feel present. Also, add in microphones so the sound is at it’s best especially for those outdoor venues. Nature can come calling at the wrong times.

How to Improve your Streaming Quality

As mentioned above, the internet connection needs to be stable and secure when live streaming to YouTube. Here's a list of what you must have to have a smooth streaming experience:

We hope this article helps you to Livestream to Youtube successfully. And not get any internet issues or vulnerabilities when streaming. Congratulations on your event too!

Speedify - Improving Your Streams

As a fast bonding VPN, Speedify allows you to combine multiple Internet connections at once. This happens through a VPN-grade encrypted tunnel, so your streams privacy and data security is protected.

If one of the connections you’re using becomes slower or even disconnects, Speedify will automatically start moving traffic to the other working connection(s). When the initial connection is back, it starts using it again.

We hope to have answered your question on how to streams your events on YouTube. Next step is for you to try Speedify for free.

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