SOLVED: Packet Loss While Streaming on Twitch – What to Do

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Live Streaming with Low Packet Loss? Use Speedify!

One of the issues live streamers are having when broadcasting online is the high packet loss rates they usually have. This is usually generated by network congestion. You will surely recognize the presence of packet loss while streaming on Twitch when you’re dropping frames and your video becomes blocky due to bitrate fluctuations.

However, there’s a solution to all this, which has (once again) been confirmed recently by members of the Twitch community: Speedify!

Read below to see how Speedify can help solve your packet loss issues when streaming.


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Minimizing Packet Loss while Streaming – the Hard Way

The first thing you should do when you encounter heavy packet loss while streaming is check your Internet connection health with a specialized Twitch tool or network diagnostics tool. You may run speed and latency tests just to discover that due to network congestion, faulty or outdated hardware or even software bugs, the bitrate of your Internet connection is fluctuating and even dropping at times, which automatically generates packet loss while live streaming.

So, then, you might want to take this up with your ISP, but that won’t always fix your issue, and it’ll certainly not be a fast fix. Resetting your modem, router and network adapters might lower the rate temporarily, but eventually if you’re getting a lossy Internet connection, you’ll be right where you started, with high packet loss rates while streaming.

How Speedify fixes Packet Loss while Streaming on Twitch

Then, there’s the easy way to minimize packet loss while streaming live – using Speedify to run while you’re broadcasting on Twitch!

Speedify is a next generation channel bonding mobile VPN service that allows you to combine multiple Internet connections at the same time into one super pipe for increased bandwidth and reliability, while lowering latency and minimizing packet loss when streaming.

The secret lays in Speedify’s fast error correction features, even with just one Internet connection. It instantly detects when a network packet has been lost, and resends it before the Internet protocol realizes that. Thereby, slowdowns are prevented before they occur.

Use all of your connections at the same time

Multiple connections, maximum performance

Speedify can bond any combination of 2 or more Internet connections and will intelligently distribute your online traffic between them for optimal performance.

In the majority of cases, Speedify will automatically detect and start using any Internet connections available to your device - but if you need help we have quick start guides available for most common set ups.

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Speedify’s Performance on Minimizing Packet Loss While Streaming

In the tests we’ve ran with Speedify, even on a single link you’re largely shielded from damages caused by losing over 1% of the packets. More impressive still, at 5% packet loss the throughput over Speedify is well over double that of regular TCP. And this goes on while also keeping your private information safe!

Naturally, if you’re using Speedify to combine multiple Internet connections the throughput is even higher for the same packet loss level than while not running Speedify, delivering over triple the performance with just 2 bonded connections.

If you’re tired of dealing with heavy packet loss while streaming on Twitch, YouTube or any other platform, get started with Speedify today!


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