Make Live Streaming More Fun with This Budget IRL Streaming Backpack

Budget IRL Streaming Backpack – A Good Solution for Live Streaming

Live streaming from different locations is an amazing experience and it’s made simpler with IRL streaming backpacks. There are decent priced alternatives to Gunrun‘s IRL streaming backpack on the market. One thing is for sure – an essential part of your budget IRL streaming backpack is making sure you have stable and fast internet. This way, you can send untethered broadcasts to a number of platforms including Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, and other channels.

When you’re connected to flaky internet services, it will result in buffering screens, leading to a bad live stream experience. To make sure you have a stable internet connection when you live stream to your audience, you’ll need Speedify in your toolkit. It’s not a heavy piece of hardware. Speedify is a simple-to-use connectivity app that will help you have a fast and seamless internet experience. Best of all, it supports all platforms, including Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Speedify will make sure your streams are uninterrupted and secure. See below how it does this.

Speed and Security Issues with Budget IRL Streaming Backpack

When you stream live content, you’ll need high-speed internet. If you’re using your phone data or the local café Wi-Fi, it won’t be enough to stream HD videos. This will lead to broken video on the viewer’s side and you don’t want that.

Another issue with live streaming is security. If you’re live streaming a corporate meeting or a training session to your team, you’d want the information to be private. There might be hackers lurking on your network.

To ensure that the data you send stays secure, you need to encrypt it. This way, even if someone is spying on you, they won’t be able to view the contents of your stream.

If you’re looking for a tool that can get you stable, fast and secure internet, you’re looking for Speedify. Remember that for your budget IRL streaming backpack!

When Do You Get the Most Connectivity Problems?

The major reason behind live streaming connectivity issues is unreliable internet. Slow internet is frustrating on its own but it becomes downright agonizing when you’re live streaming to your audience. The connection can go slow as a snail as you may be stuck to one of those bad WiFi hotspots, for example.

The internet can get unreliable and result in choppy video at any time. But there are some particular situations that create an unstable internet situation.

When you’re on the move – whether you’re driving or walking to a different location, you’ll notice an uneven connection. This is because as you move away from the Wi-Fi or cell towers you were connected to, your connection will get poorer.

If there is a general outage in your area, you’ll be unable to go online. During this time, your internet might get painfully slow or stop completely.

When you have a slow internet connection, you won’t be able to live stream at HD. If you still try to live stream, the video will be delivered with lots of artifacts, and this can turn off your followers.

Do your live stream viewers experience choppy videos, buffering or even disconnects from your part? Then it’s best to use Speedify and get a stable and fast internet connection in no time!

How Speedify Can Help with Your IRL Streaming Problems

Speedify is a bonding VPN, that uses channel bonding technology to combine 2 or more internet channels  together at once. 

It is an app that can be installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Raspberry Pi and there’s no need for extra hardware with it. Just download and install it – make it part of your budget IRL streaming backpack! Speedify will run in the background to make sure you’ll stay connected to the internet, and boost your network when you live stream to your viewers. If you’re using that on a Linux machine, you can also share the bonded VPN connection over Wi-Fi or Ethernet to your other devices!

Now you can use public Wi-Fi networks without worrying about unsecured connections. With its advanced encryption, it keeps your data safe from snoopers.

Facing issues with low-quality live streaming videos? Say goodbye to lags and buffering with Speedify – the best connectivity app for our budget IRL streaming backpack.

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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