DIY: RV WiFi Router with Bonding Using a PC or Raspberry Pi

Selecting a Mobile RV WiFi Router

Whether you need Google Maps or Waze directions when driving in your RV, or want to watch YouTube videos while camping in an RV park, you need a fast and stable Internet connection for all your devices. Unfortunately you usually get flaky, slow, or unreliable Internet connections when traveling in an RV. And this means you can’t get any work done, nor you can relax.

So, to recap: here’s what you have to solve when traveling in an RV:

  1. Get fast and stable RV Internet;
  2. Share that to all your devices with an RV WiFi router.

Let’s see the best solutions for each, so that you’ll get the best online experience while traveling in your RV.

Step 1: Get Fast and Reliable RV Internet

Whenever you’re on the move in your RV, you have to rely on any Internet connection you can get. The 3 main ways to access the Internet while on the road are:

  • public or private accessible WiFi networks. Examples include Starbucks, McDonalds, the ones in RV parks, etc.
  • cellular connections – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, etc.
  • satellite connections – Dish, Hughesnet, Starband, etc.

Assuming you have access to multiple connections – WiFi, cellular, satellite – this will not save you from slow Internet. Each connection can be slow on its own. The best you can get is be able to stay online, with short disconnects while you switch between connections.

To fix this, you can use an app that uses channel bonding technology to combine all available connections at once on your device. Speedify is a bonding VPN that you can use on your laptop, smartphone or Linux (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS) device. It will seamlessly combine all connections together for faster, more reliable Internet. So, even if one of them drops or has issues, Speedify will automatically reroute traffic to the working ones.

The best part is that, even if you’re using just one connection, Speedify can improve the Internet by fixing packet loss.

Getting back to the subject of this article – RV WiFi router – set up Speedify to combine all available connections either on your PC or on a Linux device such as a Raspberry Pi. 

RV WiFi Router Step 2: Share the Bonded Internet to All Your Devices from a Windows Laptop

Now that you have Speedify combining connections on your Windows PC or Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS device, it’s time to share the fast and reliable pipe to all your devices.

If you’re using a Windows PC for Speedify bonding, get the free Connectify WiFi hotspot software. Then, follow the instructions here to share the bonded VPN connection over WiFi. Congratulations – you just turned your laptop into an RV WiFi bonding router!

Here’s an advanced RV high speed Internet setup from David Bott (Outside Our Bubble) using a Windows PC:

Alternative: Use a Raspberry Pi as an RV WiFi Bonding Router

If you want to use a Linux device (such as a Raspberry Pi) as an RV WiFi bonding router, then it’s even more simple. Speedify for Linux (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi OS) includes sharing options for either wired Ethernet or WiFi. Check out the article here or see the video below:

With an RV WiFi Router Powered by Speedify, You’re Safe Online While Traveling

While traveling in your motorhome, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots can be dangerous. Many cyber attackers lurk around just to get your private data. Using a VPN will protect you, but most of them will also slow down your RV Internet. This happens as all data passes through their servers first before going to or from its final destination.

Speedify bonding VPN turns your laptop PC or Linux device into an RV WiFi router and doesn’t slow down your online speed. It uses an advanced encryption algorithm that is fast and secure. This allows you to avoid compromising speed for security.

Most important: Speedify doesn’t log any data regarding your online activity. Other services (especially free VPNs) might do that. They collect data to sell it to marketing agencies for targeted advertising.

It’s time you take over your RV Internet connection and use it on your own terms. Reduce buffering, eliminate dropped connections and enjoy high speed Internet for RV with Speedify!

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