Essential Tool to Help You Keep in Touch with Family

How Are You Going to Keep in Touch with Family and Friends?

The best way is to meet with them, if you’re not already living together. Of course, this article’s goal is not to teach you how to interact face-to-face with people, but how to best do that via the Internet.

So what are the best ways to communicate with your family and not get into trouble? When talking about communication, trouble mainly means security risks and slow or unstable Internet.

Read on to find out about a must-have app that will help you keep in touch with your family.

Use Group Video Calls to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

In the not-so-old days, you would pick up the phone and call home or wherever your loved ones were. Present day technology makes it so much easier. It’s practically impossible not to have an app on your phone that allows group video calls: Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

The benefits of this are obvious: you get to see each other and make it more familiar (pun intended!), even if you’re thousands of miles away. And if you can’t use the camera, you can always just enable audio or text chat.

As always, nothing is perfect. Unless you’ve got a perfect Internet connection, that is. Because yes, most issues with group video calls happen because of slow and unreliable Internet. When was the last time you had a family video call without somebody buffering, stuttering or dropping from the conversation?

Speedify – the App that Fixes Internet and Security Issues so You can Stay Connected with Family Anywhere

Video calls require an important amount of bandwidth = fast Internet. While this may be doable at home if you’ve got a good Internet plan, things are way different when connecting from:

And it’s not only the bandwidth that’s important. When you’re moving around, your phone switches between connections (Wi-Fi and mobile data), which can drop you from the family call. The keyword here is: stable Internet.

One last important thing: with all the existing cyber threats out there, you and your family members deserve to stay safe online. Public Wi-Fi networks (including school and campus networks here as well) are lurking with snoops and hackers.

Speedify  is a bonding VPN that uses channel bonding technology to use both / all Internet connections simultaneously. Your smartphone will combine both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections to get you faster and more stable Internet. So, when Wi-Fi becomes slow or not working, Speedify will send the traffic seamlessly through cellular data. You won’t even skip a beat from your family video call. And, since it’s a VPN, all you and your family’s traffic is encrypted, so your sensitive data such as social media accounts, passwords and credit card numbers will be safe.

Keep in Touch with Your Family: Be Protected Online and Get Uninterrupted Internet

Speedify is an essential tool to help you keep in touch with family and friends without issues. It both a fully featured VPN and a channel bonding solution. Translated, this means that you get both a safer and better Internet. No sacrificing one for the other. Your family group video calls will never stutter or drop again.

At almost the cost of two individual monthly subscriptions, the Speedify for Families plan supports 5 users, each with up to 5 devices. You definitely get a better deal per user if you have kids.

Stay in touch with your family and friends – have regular video calls with no issues. Thanks to Speedify! 

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